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Skinny, very skinny body

Hi! I am a 26 year old male with a very skinny body. 1m75, only 57kgs, i have joined a gym to build up some muscles… i am growing some biceps, triceps, chest muscles however, i would also like to boost them a little bit… Pls advise any ways to do so.



Squat, eat, and be a lazy bastard when you aren’t in the gym.

Go to the backissues of T-Mag, and find issue No. 1. Read it all. Then read all of issue No. 2. Then do the same with No. 3, 4, 5, and so… until you’ve read every one of them. Then you’ll know more than 99% of people in existence about putting on muscle.

Here’s a good exercise that will build good mass - I call it the ‘jaw clench’. Now, to perform the jaw clench you first need to get some food (this is used as resistance). Put the food in your mouth, and between your teeth. Bring your teeth together and release. This is one rep. Use an explosive tempo, and repeat for 8-12 reps. this is one set. Rest for about two seconds and start the next set. Volume is very important for this exercise, do it as often as you can throughout the day. now that you know the technique, read articles in t-mag using the search engine to determine what types of food you should use for resistance, and also for information on making a useful training split. What I am trying to say is diet is as much part of the lifestyle as training, if not more so. Good Luck! Jimmy