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Skinny People

Hey everyone,

I have not posted here in a long long time.

A girl I dated said to me that “skinny people are ruining society”.
Needless to say she wasn’t skinny. So I used it in an article on my news satire site.

We were talking because of a post on this forum about 2 years ago called “Do they hate us?” which talked about the animosity those of us who lost weight felt. (Of course, I gained it all back, which is why I stopped reading & posting).

She about went crazy when I showed her the thread. Anyway here is the article:


Anyway, now that I’m back on the wagon (or off the wagon?), I mean, taking care of myself again, here I am.

pretty funny

I cant tell if that article is a joke or real. She goes on and on about how others think they are better then her and follows it up with “i am better then her” she goes on and on about how she thinks others walk around “stuck up” and just assumes to hate them based on their appearance therefore making her the stuck up one. to be honest i Hope that article was meant to be a joke because that person annoys the shit out of me if it wasnt.

It is a joke, the whole site is news satire. But it is based on real things this girl I went out with almost a year ago would say.

We would sit there at Starbucks, and she would rant on and on about how bad fat people get treated.

And whenever a skinny, good looking girl would walk by, she’d say “look at these stuck up people, I hate them”

She is really bitter and angry that she is so overweight. I am fat, but I don’t blame the world, it is my fault I know that, she doesn’t.

I lost 70 lbs about 3 years ago (which I gained back last year) but as I was losing people would say I was obsessed or try to drag me down somehow. When I pointed this out she about went berserk saying how that would never happen. But she was prejudiced.

Yeah, she is real annoying. She also stole my credit cards, but that is in another article on the site.