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Skinny People Who Know Nothing


Actually i know plenty about nutrition and body building. I have a BSc biology major. Also did a lot of kinesiology just for fun while i was doing my BSc also.

Over the year i have put myself on strict diets and workout schedules when i was 21 i had 4-5% body fat (caliper test) and went from 155lbs to 195lbs working out for 6 months no juice. Then back and forth over the years with business and school getting in the way of my schedule. I drop and gain weight very quick.

My diet was not geared towards further stressing my liver. Its called testing a theory about how important a diet is when simply trying to gain some strength and muscle mass. Most say it is crucial. I found that listening to my hunger but not overeating, and making sure that i hate 2gram/pound of protein a day was the basic simple recipe.

So somewhere in between is probably almost as effective for a newby.
Someone dead serious about being massive obviously would have to follow that strict regime of diet and workout schedule etc.


I farted yesterday, it was pretty loud. But, surprisingly, it didn't smell that bad.


I'm having the opposite problem recently. Silent but deadly.


The silent ones are always the smelliest.


That is so true!! I don't understand why people think when you hear someone fart that its going to smell and start moving away from them. Usually the ones you don't hear are the ones that can clear a room.


Blueberries are kinda a deep purply-blue in color.


They weasel their way from deeper in the the bowel.


I wonder how much of that can be attributed to "shock-value." (didn't know it was coming, then BAM!)

"I'm sorry, Shaun."


Straberries are straw in color.

Wait a minute.


Dingleberries taste like silent farts.


And here I thought this thread would go nowhere...


Mmmm, Blueberries!


Mmmm, Farts!


Honestly, I'd move away even if it's not as smelly. I'd move away even if it didn't smell at all. Have you ever had someone clearly realize you farted and then not move away... it's creepy.


Where does all of this ill will stem from? What did 2 gram/pound ever do to you? Love dude, love is the answer... love is all you ever need.


Somebody say weasel?


Get out the ductape.


um, TSB anyone?


his next post will be...


Don't make me hurt you.


Have you ever been a hand puppet?