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Skinny People and Fat


Yeah I'm one of this skinny guys...talking like 5'11", and 115 lbs. Yeah I'm trying.

But anyways, if I'm skinny (like stated above) do I need to care a lot with my fat
intake. Like can I put miracle whip in my tuna, cheddar cheese instead of cottage, eat halloween candy(not like goarge in my room all day, but like a couple a day), spread butter on my toast, drink whole milk with choclate syrup, fry eggs in butter(however I have been using olive oil lately), eat macaroni and cheese, etc.

Like I know some of it's not the healthiest but It adds calories (which I seem to have a problem with), and you know it makes it easier and it tastes better and I'm skinny.

Yeah so feedback would be appreciated.


Yeah its fine, as long as it is part of a bulking phrase and does not become a long-term habbit.

Do not displace healthy food with junk food though, you need them to get your micronutrients, eat junk food ON TOP of healthy food.


Its actually not THAT hard to go on a 100% clean bulk. Yes you feel like your constantly stuffing your face but the results will make you very happy.BUT, you are skinny , so the extra calories will do you well if you are doing your time in the gym. As stated above, don't make it a habit as you will not always want to eat in this manner.

Good luck



Miracle whip is fat free. Not to mention nasty. Go with regular mayo with your tuna. Unless your one of those freaks who likes Miracle Whip. Freak. j/k


115lbs at 5'11" isn't skinny, that's skeletal. Learn what a freaking meal is in the first place. Why are you even weighing 115lbs in the first place? There are people who are actually starving who aren't weighing like that.


God, I think someone as skinny as you should just eat whatever they can get their hands on. Make an effort to get plenty of healthy food. But don't shy away from junk food that will help you get the calories you need. It's not like you'll be adversely affecting your health. You don't need to eat junk longterm. Once you've achieved a decent weight you can scale back the junk. Look for the Skinny Bastard diet on this site.


Do all that, increase your portion size and meal frequency and don't forget to move some iron.


And don't you dare start worrying about macronutrient ratios and all that. What's the worst that could happen? You put on some fat with that muscle and end up looking healthy?


Damn.....that's skinny. Right now i really wouldn't worry about calories too much. I would reccomend ditching the candy because, for the most part, its just empty calories. Adding things like cream, coconut or olive oil, or peanut butter to your shakes will help you get lots of calories in and help you grow which, obviously, you need to do. Like,now. In fact, if it were possible, i would reccomend getting an IV filled with beef and have you plug that fucker in your arm for about a year.


You should really be downing the olive oil. It's probably one of the easiest, cheapest, and one of the least filling ways to get extra calories. Junk food is cheap and non-filling too.


The last thing this guy needs is "easy" ways to get more calories aside from EATING. I am more interested in how someone gets to be 115lbs at 5'11". That isn't normal and implies there is something wrong either physically or with his perception. 115lbs on a guy at that height means you can count every rib. Identifying a possible eating disorder should be the first thing done.



you're two inches taller and weigh ten pounds less than Paris Hilton and you're worried about your fat intake...

you, my friend, have an eating disorder...

seek professional help!


For Chrissakes, just eat whatever the hell you can...

I take shits that weigh more than you


You are a prime candidate for the "skinny bastard" diet. Do a search on the site.