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Skinny/Out of Shape - Where to Start?

Hey guys, new here, great community!

I’m 20, 165, 6’1. I used to work out 5 times a week, but found it really hard to put on weight, I probably wasn’t eating enough, even though I was doing like 4k calories. Last time I touched the gym was about a year ago, I started a successful business, sadly it drained all my time out and I been eating like crap (fast food 3x a day + no physical activity, and I only gained like 10-15 pounds in a year)

I now find that excuse kinda lame, I’m sure I can find an hour to workout every day, I’m just pretty lost as to what I should do. I know I’m super skinny, would love to put on 20 pounds, but I’m incredibly out of shape.

Obviousally start eating better is the first step, high calories but clean food? What kind of program should I start on? Should I run every day to lose some bodyfat, or should I just stick to heavy lifts? I know I’m skinny so running may sound funny, but at the same time I would like to lose this fat that makes me look skinny/fat… or will heavy lifts build muscle and even everything out?

All input much appreciated!


I am in your position. One month ago, I was 5’9" 144 pounds. Since then, including a week with the flu, I am up to 156 pounds. The moral of the story is I decided to say fuck trying for “hawt abzz” and get bigger. I’m doing a program called Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. It is pretty well regarded, but it has its detractors as well. I didn’t and still don’t eat much fast food, so I don’t have much experience there. I do bring my lunch to work every day, which helps keep it healthy. Good luck!

OK first thing, read all of the ‘Neanderthal No More’ articles on this site - these will really help with your posture and help joint mobility etc for weight training.
boy do you need it

Don’t blow off the boring posture stuff, cause you could screw yourself up pretty badly lifting like that. Fixing your posture is high priority for you right now. Do what caveman said.

lol I think I just over did it for the pic, some angles I look OK, some angles look like I got pointy tits and a beer belly.

I don’t think I have bad posture, but I paid more attention today I COULD work on that for sure, something I never paid attention to… Ill definitely still take the advice.

So what about the other questions :slight_smile:


i’d say start. and learn a thing or two. Just start and don’t kill yourself, your body will need to adapt. Literally start and come back in 3 months and then we can critique you

and basically try maintain your weight that whole time. theres no need to modify your diet, even if its shitty, at all. Unlike many, I believe you can train with a shitty diet, and you’d probably be better off dipping your feet in the lifting water than changing your whole life at once.

Is WS4SB is good then? Theres like 3 of them, which one is better for me, I dont really need athletic training… Unless you know a better program, I probably would see newbie results with any kind of compound lifts…

ws4sb is a pretty well-rounded program. it probably won’t get your main lifts up as quick as starting strength or something with a powerlifting focus, but it does a good job of including unilateral leg work and rear delt exercises. it is just one program, but has been updated. read ws4sb III and then decide if you like it.

results will come with dedication to a program, so pick one that you believe in

squat heavy, squat often.