Skinny little boy...

16 years old, 5’8.5", 145lbs. I really want to have a guesstimate at what my bf% is. I know I asked this yesterday, and vudu thought it was around 11-14%… I was thinking like 12%, what do you guys think?

I started lifting about 5 months ago, but only started eating enough to gain weight about 2 months ago. Tell me what you think, constructive criticism is appreciated (I know I have to work on EVERYTHING… but what’s the worst?)

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Read and follow Massive Eating or the Skinny Bastard Diet.

Use some massive training to go along with your Massive Eating to pack on the mass. Stick to the basic compound, multi-joint exercises. Try Joel Marion’s “Ripped, Rugged and Dense” program or the “Max Size” program. I know you used OVT, now it’s time to continue working on strength and the mass will follow.

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What do you mean by, “eating enough to gain weight”? Your mindset, considering your age and size, shouldn’t be “how much do I have to eat to put on some weight” but rather “I’m going to eat like it’s going out of style.”

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