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Skinny guy

Hi, im only 5’8" and I was wondering what would be the best cycles and diets for a beginner who is this short and is a cut 156lbs. I just read PP I and i learned more in that than anything. Im pretty sure im Fasttwitch fiber type cuz im Extremely fast at kickboxing etc. I want to get big to make up for my size disadvantage in selfdefense (and girls seem to like bigger men too…contratry to what the movies show us.) Most importantly i need atheletic weight like olympians etc, btw does anybody know how much someone my weight who is Really strong for his size bench and someone who is my height and weights 190lbs … we are talking LOW BODY FAT %s all guidance from you guys will be praised!

Read the “diet manifesto” article by Shugart before you post a question like this. It’s from a few issues ago in T-mag. Good luck.

Read “Steroids for Health” article in the FAQ. And if you do decide to take steroids please dont over do it. It can really mess you up n the long run.Good Luck.