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Skinny Guy With a Big Butt


Hello everyone. I have been meaning to do some weight training for a while but I have been putting it off for a while because I'm scared of getting laughed out of the gym because of my strength. First I'll let you know my goals:

-Gain explosive strength for martial arts type activities and jumping
-Gain more muscle mass
-Loose my butt

I'm a really skiiny guy with a huge butt and fat legs and I am highly embarrased about it. I have been called a girl and etc for a long time because of it. And that mixed with my fat legs hasn't helped alot either. I have tried to do cardio but I can never stick to it because I just plain hate cardio work and I never have the dedication to.

So in hopes of losing the fat on my legs and butt and gaining more strength and muscle, I decide to do training. But I don't know how much weight I should use and the exercises that would be best.



Find a program that you want to do, I would suggest Westside for skinny bastards.

Start with a light weight and move up. Don't be embarrassed because who the hell cares what other people think anyway.


Okay. But what about my butt problem?


once your bigger everywhere else it will be a plus.


IS this like a genetic deformity, or have you just been fat and lazy and that's why your body stores fat there?


See Beginner stickies. When your ready to commit, you can and will change.


If it's bodyfat, likely you'll be able to lose some of it to be more proportioned. You may just be predisposed to gaining fat in your legs and arse.

Besides, girls like a nice ass on a guy (I'm told).


I don't want to sound negative, but some men are just genetically predisposed to have a big butt..same as some women.

However if you are rather skinny, my bet is that you are storing fat there and working on getting stronger while eating correctly will help you get your back much bigger and your legs more defined. That will give the illusion of a smaller rear.


Personally I'd never laugh at anyone being IN the gym. If you're actually in the gym busting your ass off you are doing something about it have a desire to change your current situation. The people to laugh at is the ones sitting at home, doing nothing but complaining about how bad they look etc. And in the end.. if they do laugh, who cares. You're the one getting the results and benefits.

Good luck, eat clean and train hard. You'll make it.


Anyone who laughs at anyone in the gym is a jackass. Except for the guy who only ever spends an hour doing curls in front of the mirror and maybe a few sets of just bench press with way too much weight to handle - and thats it. Feel free to laugh at him.


How big can your butt be? I don't think it's as bad as you think and I'll tell you it's better than having crack in the back like a lot of guys.


It sounds like you have a propesity for storing fat in your lower body, which can sometimes be a result of an estrogen imbalance. Do some reading on Charles Poliquin's biosignature protocols, he suggests some methods for addressing problems like yours that many have found to be effective.


x2, ditto.
Listen to that post.


Amazing.. so you make this observation based on zero pictures that the OP provided.

The guy is a beginner... he needs just to begin.


I agree 100% I would never laugh at anyone busting their ass in the gym, i actually am just the opposite, this may sound corny, but I am proud of people who want to make a change