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Skinny Guy Who Needs to Put on More Weight

I am 20 and I weigh 50 kg and I know that is very low.I can’t go to the gym because I’m very busy in college and it’s very demanding, so what can I do while I am at home so I could get at least healthier, be in a better shape and put on the greatest weight possible ?

You most likely will not receive a great deal of sympathy regarding your busy schedule from adults who work full time, have families, AND go to school. I found I had plenty of time to train when I started sleeping less.

Best bet is to cook a lot of meals and get some gym equipment to train at home.

This. Seriously. Train hard three times a week. Something like 531 would probably work well. Approach your food intake like your training in so much as ‘I have x amount of sets of eating at x weight to do today’.

You really need to focus on eating.

Buy Olympic rings and a few kettlebells to train at home.

You do have time, you’re just choosing to use it to do other things. My guess would be sleeping, spending time with friends and family, watching TV and procrastinating on the internet. None of these are bad things, you just have to choose your priorities. Make a conscious decision which is most important to you and stick with it. I personally have no time or patience for people who complain they don’t have time/energy/motivation to train/diet. You, and everyone else have all the things you need to train and diet effectively, you just choose not to do it. That’s fine, and I choice I’ve made in the past plenty, you just have to own that decision and live with the consequences of it.


This rant was brought to you mostly by the waddling fucktards I overheard complaining about how they couldn’t loose weight with their baskets full of sugary shit. It was probably harsher than necassary

Also, college just isn’t that intense. Sorry to burst your bubble but it just isn’t.

Get a barbell and train at home.

Also- Unless you’re doing some awesome engineering shit at some awesome school, I straight-out do not believe you when you claim that you’re “very busy”.

Depends on the degree and the effort you put into your work. There’s a pretty huge disparity between striving for 75% and 98%.

I’ve spent a large amount of my life around students, at some of the best uni’s in Britain, doing some of the most intense degrees, and I’ve yet to meet one who couldn’t have found more than enough time to train 3 days a week if they wanted. Now my experiences may be misleading, but at the minute I’m not buying the idea that just going to college is enough of a workload to preclude doing anything else.

Normally id say just look at some bodyweight routines on tha youtubez . But at 50kg youre not going to get anywhere without weights.

Do this…

Reminds me of this:

In my profession it is common to work 60 to 80 hours per week. I still make it to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. College is one of the easiest parts of your whole life.