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Skinny Guy Trying to Gain...


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm new to this site so i thought i would introduce myself. I've read enough things on here to know better than to call myself a hard gainer, but i am a 6'5 skinny guy who has never gained much(mostly because of my own ignorance). I've been working out for about two years, the first year being pretty much worthless. The thought of gaining strength and muscle had always sounded good, but i lacked the motivation or discipline to work at it in the beginning.

In the last year I did get more serious with lifting and nutrition and made a few gains, but due to some stress and setbacks in my life i lost what little weight i had gained and i am basically starting over. I've been lurking this forum for a month or so, all while planning my comeback. I've read a lot of great advice here, and was hoping to maybe get some advice for myself to help me really make a change. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Like i said, I'm 6'5, roughly 200lbs. Here's a plan i came up with to get 5000 calories a day. i ate this every day last week and i intend to keep eating this(i don't care about taste or variety) unless anyone has any advice they can give(do i need more? anything i should change right off the bat? etc.).

M1: 1030 calorie Shake(coconut milk, whey protein, oats, strawberries, greens+, almond butter)
M2: greek yogurt,banana (380cals)
M3: Tuna, 3tbsp mayo, veg (450cals)
M4: Protein 'biscuit'(peanut butter, oats, honey, whey protein), veg (520cals)
M5: chicken breast, veg (est. 300cals depending on size)
M6: pasta (350cals)
M7: another 1030 calorie shake
All day: 1/2c almonds,1/2c walnuts,1/2c raisins (995cals)

I've weighed, measured and calculated every thing, and i don't count vegetables, extra condiments or oils for good measure. i'm hoping that in the long run that will help me keep track of what works and doesn't. i haven't worried about any macro nutrient ratios because at this point(according to what i've read here) it doesn't seem to matter. so i guess im just hoping for a bit of a critique. as far as workouts go, i'm limited to home workouts so they consist of kettlebell/bodyweight stuff. I'm hoping to get a gym membership soon.

Also, i don't know any poses, but this is what i look like right now. I know I know...POW, concentration camp survivor, christian bale in that movie (: Thanks in advance for any comments.




ugh...apparently i'm really new to the site...sorry about that.


Get some protein in there with the pasta on meal six. Other than that, looks good. The macros do matter, but you'll have to play with them to figure out what works best for you. You have the right idea for now - just get your calories in and lift.

Get yourself to a good gym. If you have a good, rusty old meat-head gym in your area, join it.


Agree on all points. You have a plan, follow it and after two weeks see if you need to make changes. If your not gaining weight add 500 more calories.


in my opinion, theres no need to worry about adding more and more calories until you start using them properly. its nice to eat 5000 calories a day or whatever but until you start putting them to use in the gym by lifting heavy, your asking for a lot of wheel spinning.


Thanks guys, i really appreciate the input. i will definitely try to get some protein with meal 6, and i agree that i need a gym. all these calories are going nowhere without lifting. thanks!


You seem to have your head on straight, and your diet plan is pretty good as well.

What area of NC you in man?


I would echo the need for more protein, and I don't believe it's just a matter of "getting some protein with meal 6".

A typical guideline I've given people before is that if you want to put on muscle, you should be eating 1-2lbs of meat, half a dozen eggs, and downing 2 protein shakes daily... while filling in the rest of your calories with enough carbs to gain bodyweight at 3-5lbs a month.

I seriously doubt that your tuna, chicken, or greek yogurt stack up enough muscle building nutrients for you.

And I would also echo the suggestion to make sure your training is serious and consistent before adding a bunch of bodyweight... I don't think you even mentioned training at all?


agreed on this point. substitute some of your chicken and tuna for steak and ground beef... try that out for a while but other than that you seem to have a plan. good luck



Thanks! I just moved to charlotte in september. Do you happen to know of any awesome gyms around here? haha. What about you?


As far as training, im pretty much stuck working out at home until my financial situation turns around. Here is my equipment list:

35,45,53lb kettlebells
40lb db set
ab wheel

What i've been doing is basically trying to do a push/pull and leg exercise of some kind with every work out. so something like push ups, kb rows, bodyweight(or weighted) squats or lunges. something like that. I'll mix in various other things but i try to base it around that. i'm still trying to figure out something that will work. its only been a week. i could definitely use some help. Is it possible to build muscle working out like this and eating tons of cals? Keep in mind im really weak right now so even sets of push ups are hard. I'd like to be in a gym doing deadlifts, bench, squats and pull ups but unfortunately i cant right now. any advice is appreciated.

  1. Find a gym and ask for a trial membership.
  2. Go as often as possible. Look for a Cougar in need of some attention.
  3. Pimp yourself out as a boy-toy.

BAM! free gym membership + hot cougar action = win/win


You need a gym. I recommend being careful with your diet to avoid unnecessary fat gain at this stage as you are not going to be building much size at all with that equipment. If I were you I'd just stick at maintenance cals and get into good shape. You'll build some muscle, lose some fat, and build a good base of conditioning for when you actually get to a proper gym.


That sounds like sound advice... i think ill finish out the week like i've been doing, and then maybe cut it down by 1000-1500cals after that until i can get a gym membership. You're right, i don't just want to put on fat that ill have to work off someday. i appreciate it.


Gotcha. I'd love to help you out with finding a good gym, but I'm in Jacksonville. Have you done a simple mapquest search for "gym" in Charlotte? You should just go check out some in the area, and it shouldn't be TOO hard to find a solid one for a decent price.


Once you get into a real gym, I definitely agree you should be getting plenty of steak and eggs in your weight gain diet. Get into a gym ASAP, or start building your home gym. The sooner the better.