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Skinny Guy Tries Not to Die Under Empty Bar

No pain no gain, could you wear a helmet?!

It’s a shame you don’t have access to smaller plates, for exercises like overhead press then come in very handy.

A couple of solutions though if you wanna try that again would be…

Elastic band the weight on to the middle of the bar, no swing to worry about then.

Depending on what kind of collars you have available, use multiple collars.

Or obviously the helmet!

I should try it. Even better with horns to be able to do partials without power rack, this guy approves

You get an E for enthusiasm… that’s for sure!

Remember the key to getting bigger is… calories. I hope you’re eating more than you were. If you’re having trouble woofing down extra calories, I’d recommend a peanut butter and jelly on buttered toast and half a gallon of chocolate milk a day.

All the best!

Thank you, eating is a problem for me =)

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kg x reps / sets

Warm up: 2 circles of

  • 16 kg KB swings x 10
  • 16 kg KB reverse lunges x 6 (each leg)
  • 16 kg KB push presses x 4 (each hand)

OHP (supersetted with cable rows)
Empty Bar 3 reps 5 minutes EMOM, alternate regular OHP and behind the neck
37.5x6 (felt light left elbow bicep pain)

rows 25x15/3

Snatch grip deadlift

KB clean and press (supersetted with band pull aparts)
16x8/5 (each hand)

Bulgarian split-squat (used kettlebell)