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Skinny Guy Overwhelmed w/ Info, Want to Stop Spinning My Wheels

Hey there.

I am 18 years old, 178cm and just about 56 kg.

I’ve been “lifting” maybe for 3 years but really not consistent, just going around here and there, skipping workouts, not eating properly and not having a plan. And I was fat.

Then I lost a lot of weight. Now I want to really bulk up. I am going to the gym for some time now, but without success because I wasn’t eating enough, but now I finally am and I am seeing weight gain.

But I have really problem with workout routine. I don’t know what should I follow. I don’t like those beginner routines 3x per week, because I love being in the gym and I have good form on basic lifts already and my goal is just hypertrophy/getting big.

Right now I am in gym 6 times per week, doing high volume PPL. THIS IS MY ROUTINE

I really don’t know if I am doing the right thing. I don’t know if that routine is good. Am I doing too much volume? Am I setting myself up for a failure because I am not following beginner program?

What should I do???

D is for Diet
I is for Include Your Diet For Help Getting Bigger
E is for Everyone Needs To Pay Attention to Diet
T is for Turd which is what your results will be if you don’t plan your diet


i like this D I E T

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I don’t know how fat you were, but to end up at your current weight, I know that you lost weight the wrong way and still aren’t eating properly.

Specifics, please. What timeframe are you referring to and how much bodyweight have you gained?

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

The training is a whole other issue. Tons of guys have built tons of size training three days a week. If you’re deadset on lifting six days a week, you’ve got to be eating big. Big. Like, B-I-G. And I bet you’re not.

Also, that leg session is token work at best. Don’t be that guy.

2620 calories.

200g oatmeal, 150 g chicken breasts, 100 g rice (uncooked), 75 g cheese, banana, eggs, rye bread, peanut butter, about 300 ml milk, wasabi covered peanuts,…

well it seems that for the last 2 weeks maybe 2 kg… I hope, because my weight fluctuates a lot.

I know that eating is the msot important part, but I really want to train adequately to it, so I want some good, guided, premade program :frowning: most preferably 5-6 time a week (I know that may be too much, but I’ve created some disordered eating patterns and working out like this really helps me a lot to eat.)

What’s wrong with it? I am doing it 2 times a week and my legs really feel that. How would you change it? thanks

I think your routine looks ok(ish), though personally I would:

A) Up the volume for lower body.

B) Replace the skull crushers for tricep dips.

C) Ditch the db flys for now.

D) What everyone else has basically said with regards food.

So your total protein was one chicken breast, some eggs, a little cheese, and a small glass of milk. You’re gonna have a rough time building muscle if you keep that up.

If you’ve gained “maybe 2kg” in 2 weeks, you need to bump up total calories. Weight will fluctuate normally, even from morning to night, but you need to make sure each week (or whenver you weigh in) the scale consistently moves up. The Forced Anabolism article covers it more.

I don’t doubt that you’ve developed some legit disordered eating habits. I suggest addressing the issue and consciously working on them rather than training excessively as a band-aid to allow “proper” eating.

There are tons of killer 4 or 5-day training programs on the site that would be more appropriate for your situation. Pick almost any one, follow it to the letter, and spend more mental energy on your nutrition.

well my protein intake at the end of the day was 159 grams.

I just really couldn’t find any. Almost every one of them traing each muscle group only once per week, which as I’ve read isn’t optimal, is it?

What would you add?



Because its unbalanced, ie you are doing three movements for chest & only 2 for shoulders.

Also, I should of said more squats + maybe some leg press.

but isn’t that incline db bench hitting shoulders as a secondary?

Were I in your situation, I’d do 5/3/1 BBB or the Building the Monolith template. Both will get you bigger and stronger.

You like training 6 days a week, which is great, but I’m willing to be that the only thing you do is lift weights, and that you’re doing zero conditioning. If that is true, lifting 3-4 days a week and spending the extra days conditioning will most likely help you increase your ability to lift more weights AND increase your appetite.

Whenever I want to put on weight, I make sure to really ratchet up the conditioning.

Sort of, though it’s still very much a chest movement overall.

So you had, like, 12 or 13 whole eggs yesterday? Just checking. If so, good start. If not, we generally don’t “count” the protein in predominantly carb or fat foods (oatmeal, bread, peanut butter, etc.) because it’s a lower quality protein. In my guesstimation, you had less than 100grams of decent protein listed yesterday (depending on how many eggs you knocked back).

Nothing wrong with training a muscle group once per week if the volume and intensity is sufficient. Like Gorilla said, increasing the volume of your current leg day would go towards improving it, and/or dropping the walking lunges to make room for something more substantial that lends itself more towards moving actual weight, like starting the session with some heavy, lower rep front squats.

Er 123lbs =beginner levels of muscle. Therefore nothing wrong with a ‘beginner’ program. All the programs referenced on those thread would help.10 secrets to building Mass would be a partcularily good fit.

Something like a gallon of milk once a week or a pint of whole milk everyday can really help, also this…

Westside For Skinny Bastards and 24 sets of 7 reps of EAT…EVERYTHING!