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Skinny Guy Dilemma. Bulk or Cut?


Hey guys i have been training for over a year now. Started at around 110lbs as a super skinny guy. Now i am around 132 lbs. I had no knowledge of proper nutrition and after a year of eating everything at sight I have a gut(But with minimal muscle gain :().
My stats: 5'6 around 132 lbs.
What should I do? If i bulk i am afraid i will end up adding too much body fat (i have no idea what my bf is but i guess its around 15-16%)
and if i cut i will look like a stick. please help.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling:


Do you even lift?

...errr, How much do you lift?

But in general I would say, eat around maintenance or close to a small surplus and focus on building a base of strength.

You are looking too closely at immediate results. "Cut and be a stick" or "bulk and be fat".....yeah well, if you're trying to look at what you can do in the next month, two, or even three, a cut will not get you ripped and a bulk will not turn you into a bodybuilder. But it's not about the next month.


I know this is going to sound weird, but what exactly did you eat yesterday? (and tell me how you know you ate this if you list mass/volume/weight)

You are going to want to eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight at the minimum every single day. Then you'll want to just fill in the rest of your calories with a mix of carbohydrates, and fat from decent sources (read:Try not to get it from fast food/junk food, and other stuff like that). Oh, as far as weight gain/loss: Gain weight. No fully grown man your height should weigh less than 165. If you eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight, try to gain about 0.5-1 pound (somewhere in that area) pounds per week, and make sure you are progressing with all of your lifts. Focus on just trying to get strong in the basic lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, row, pull up, dips). If you do that, then you won't get fat.

Also, what exactly have you been doing in the gym for the past month. Are you following any programs? What program switches have you made? How have you been progressing in your lifting? What were you lifting last year, six months ago, three months ago, and one month ago? Not only do you need to eat the protein to gain muscle, but you actually have to try to progress. If I squat 315 for five reps every week, then did three sets of 20 lunges, and some hamstring curls and didn't add weight/reps to anything, and did the same for upper body do you expect me to gain muscle? Of course not. Progress (lifting more weight, more reps, more sets, less rest, better form, etc) is what builds muscle, so you need to put progress as your #1 goal.

So, in conclusion: Tell me what you ate yesterday, your routine, any routine changes, how you try to make progress, your progress since last year, six months ago, three months ago, and one month ago, eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, eat to gain muscle, and get back up with us with the information requested so we can give you a better response. \

tl;dr: Don't expect a quality answer in less than 100-200 words.


You don't have a gut, you just need some muscle on your frame. Run 5x5 and maintenance or slight surplus like someone else mentioned. Get stronger in the big lifts every week. If you don't, eat a little more. Do this for the next 6 months or until you stall out.

In 3 months time with some clean eating and busting your ass you could make some amazing changes. If I were you I would start off with 2 days of light cardio on off days, run 5x5 and start at around 2,000 calories a day.


I would really like to know your routine.