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Skinny Fat


Hello All,
I am new to the boards of T-mag, but not new by any means to the site or philosophies. I have adopted many work out plans and diets from this site and have found that I stick to the plans really well, but either become to skinny or too fat...I cannot find a happy medium.

I am currently what I deem to be skinny fat and I need to find a new innovative way to shed the lbs and put on some muscle. As is I am in very good shape (I ran the boston marathon this past year) and I currently have a 3 day weight split and have been going heavy doing 5 sets of 5 for all of my primary exercises(Bench, Rows, Squats, Military Presses, ect..) I do not stick to a strict diet, but I do not eat any shit food like pizza or fried food.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated.



[quote]bigblue63 wrote:
I do not stick to a strict diet, but I do not eat any shit food like pizza or fried food. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

…and there’s your problem right there.


You don’t need a new innovative anything. You need to stop running marathons, eat heavy weight and lift heavy weight.

That’s right, I said eat heavy weight.


You should analyze the causes of why you think you become skinny or fat, but my guess is that you go to extremes, or are lying.

If you ran a marathon, that can tell you have a very high endurance, but for bodybuilding purposes you might be far away from looking swole. If you wanna get good results, 3 days a week is a very little accomplishment.

You could elaborate more about what you are eating, not eating shit food doesn’t tell me shit. You may be eating special k in the morning, a salad in the afternoon and starving after 6.

Search the forums and put your focus on the members dathibluline, lewhitehurst, Professor X, Cephalic_Carnage, waylanderxx, Prisoner, … mmm I think this will be enough.


[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
You need to stop running marathons[/quote]

for real.


First of all, this is hardly a bodybuilding thread - thought I would point that out before someone else did…

now, if your gaining too much fat, its NOT the program, its your diet… how many calories are you eating? do you even know? you should probably figure that out, then you can add and subtract to find what works best for YOU…

BTW, you are not going to gain a lot if your “dieting” it doesnt work that way…

You, need to learn what works for YOU !!!



Thanks for the feedback…I have definitely stopped all running, and the only cardio I do is jump rope or incline walking for a half hour. A sample of my diet (yesterdays) is as follows
7am-2 whole eggs with turkey bacon and wheat toast
10am- Protein shake
1pm - Grilled chicken, Rice, black beans, small amount of cheese
3-Work out
4:30- 1 lb of ground turkey with Peppers, tomatos, and small amount of cheese
6 - Protein Shake

I do not know the amount of calories I consume but I do keep a log of everything I eat along with my workouts. I do agree with Meymz in that I do go to extremes and that I have a difficult time finding a balance. I will check out he reccomended posters…Any additional feedback is appreciated. Thank you


I should also note that my job entails me being “on call” and that I work extremely long hours and dont have access to food some days for up to 5 hours which I know is not ideal by any means.


eat more, seriously.


Well to begin with you’re barely getting any fat. You might want to start there.


If you post pictures or some body & training stats it will give the group a reference point to work from.


Drink shakes during those 5 hours where your not able to get any food. Seriously, mix a shake with some water and olive oil and carry it around with you in a small backpack if you have too…


Thank you for all the feedback, I will get a pic up asap. I am currently 206lbs and I am 5’10. My training is as follows for last week: (I use alot of DB’s b/c I workout at odd times with no spotters)

Day 1
Flat Bench DB Press- 5 sets of 5 with 95lbs
Incline DB Press- 3 sets of 8 with 75 lbs
Incline Flys - 3 sets of 12 with 35 lbs
Decline Push ups - 3 sets til failure
Dips: 3 sets of 20
Overhead DB Press: 3 sets 70lbs 8x
DB Skull Crushers - 3 sets of 30 lbs 10x

Day 2
Legs: (I admit I have ignored my leg lifts for the past few years due to running)
Squats - 5 sets 225lbs 5x
Deadlifts - 3 sets of 185lbs 8x
Seated calf raises - 3 sets of 12

Military Press - 5 sets of 135 for 5x
Upright rows - 3 sets of 85lbs 12x
DB Front Raises - 3 sets of 30lbs 15x each arm
Side Raises - 3 sets of 15lbs til failure

Day 3:
Pull ups - 3 sets of 10
DB Rows- 5 sets of 85lbs 5x
Wide Grip Pull downs - 3 sets of 12
Lower back extensions - 3 sets of 15

Barbell Curls- 5 sets of 70lbs 5x
DB Hammer Curls - 3 sets of 35lbs 10 x
Db concentration Curls 3 sets of 25lbs 12x

I also did abs and incline walking twice last week…

I greatly appreciate any feedback, thank you.


post pictures


I’m a noob, and I’m fat, but here’s some ideas.

3x a week isn’t enough to really support a split, you’re wasting a lot of precious little training time on shoulders and biceps and pinkies. Focus on lifting heavy weights. a Rippetoe-like program squatting every other workout (or every workout) might be more appropriate. Alternately, go 4x or 5x a week, and keep a split.

As for calories, well, you’re either eating too much, or too few. Decide if you want to bulk or cut and go after it.


Your breakfast is too little. And if you’re dieting you won’t gain as you want because in theory you’re taking in less calories han you are spending, which you haven’t put yet.


[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
You don’t need a new innovative anything. You need to stop running marathons, eat heavy weight and lift heavy weight.

That’s right, I said eat heavy weight.[/quote]

Definitely stop overdoing the cardio. If it wasn’t for working out my whole life I’d be the perfect example of skinny/fat, that it what I’m genetically predisposed to be. The approach is very basic. Stick to high protein, good quality fats, and just enough carbs to fuel your workouts(kind of like Thibs protocol). Your workouts should also be heavy, short in duration and frequent. That’s about the most basic way to combat it. And too much cardio will contribute to making you skinny/fat.




im trying to put on muscle…here is what a light eating day, (as i haven’t eaten enough yet consists of…for me

7 am
5 whole eggs, scrambled
3 links of sausage

10 am
bowl of oatmeal x 2 portions
2tbls peanut butter
2 hard boiled eggs
1 banana

1 pm
2 turkey w/ cheese sandwiches on wheat, 4 think slices of turkey on each
2 hard boiled eggs
1 peach

4:30, (in about 10 min)
2 hard boiled eggs
2 tbls peanut butter
1 serving oatmeal

6:30 pm (workout)

8:00 pm

dinner (probably eat some red meat, (6 oz)
protein shake (Monster Mass w/ Waxy Maize Starch)

10 pm
turkey slices/cheese/broccoli or celery

and i am behind today!

all this and i gain about a pound a week or so…working out 4 days a week…

(just so you have something to compare to)


[quote]synbin24 wrote:
<<< all this and i gain about a pound a week or so…working out 4 days a week… >>>[/quote]

How long has this been going on? If for any length of time you should be making noticeable gains as theres no way you are getting fat on what you eat. Also, you say you’re over 200 pounds at 5’10 which shouldn’t be REAL skinny or REAL fat.

If you’re serious and work is an issue run a bunch of food through a food processor, everything, and take it with you in some kind of container with a spoon. May taste shitty, but you can get several hundred calories of complete whole food nutrition in like one minute. I do it all the time.

If someone is not making at least some kind of decent gains they are not working hard enough, not eating enough or both, or are a true genetic disaster which is rare. Other lesser causes are just as rare.

And yes this probably should be in the beginners forum.