Skinny Fat with Muscles. Diet Request

How long does it take to finish such session? if it is more than 45 minutes I highly recommend you ditch those extra assistance exercises and focus more on you main lifts.

it is better to limit your training to 5/3/1 main lifts and don’t waste your time and strength doing all those assistance lifts. As per Jim’s the philosophy of 5/3/1 is as follow:

For each session you have:
Warm Up
Main Lift
Supplemental work
Assistance lifts

The most important parts are Warm up, Main Lift and Supplemental work. You do assistance work only to overcome certain lagging or enhance particular parts of your body. It is better to drop all those assistance and low intensity cardio and focus more on conditioning.

Also remember that long workout sessions will increase your cortisol levels, leading to more craving to sugary meals; stop your fat loss progress and increase your stress.

You will struggle doing all that stuff while on deficit, so take it easy, make a small deficit (20% as a max from your TDEE) and program your workout wisely. Focus on your main lifts so you prevent muscle mass loss, increase your hypertrophy work (supplemental work) for more metabolic effect, and use conditioning instead of cardio for better metabolic effect, fat burning, and overall health.

Last word (it was said by great members before) but have to be said again. NUTRITION TIMING; pay more attention to your meal timing. Also consider food quality as it is far important than quantity during fat loss phase. I don’t say eat as much as you can, but eating crap is much different than eating good food.

Eat wisely
Time your meals wisely
Plan your workout correctly
Be consistent

whilst im no expert… i think counting calories on my fittness pal is a good tool… especially for weight loss. people make out like its some big hinderence but it takes literally five minutes a day. you could get it done whilst taking a shit. whats the big deal.

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Trt cycle ? Tbol? Maybe would help


I know it’s been seven years and seven months but Nocap made me curious.

How did things turn out?