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Skinny Fat: The Worst of Both Worlds


You should upload pics now. That way we can know better how to help: where you are currently and how much it will take to get to your goal. I’m no expert, but I know that unless you’re fairly new you’d be better served picking one goal and sticking with it - either lose fat or gain muscle. Your squat is pretty good for your weight, but your DL is lacking. DL should be significantly higher than squat.

AND, if your arms are only 15 inches, maybe it would be good to do some sort or maintenance eating while trying to build strength. Either way, good luck, and I think you should certainly post pics!

I think the reason my squat is that much better than my dead is because I dont really train deads consistently. The only reason I know how much it is is because I switched out squats for deads for one of my leg days and that killed my low back and made training the rest of the week a lot harder and less productive (I don’t really take off days maybe one or two a week).

I’ve been lifting very seriously for like a month and a half before that I had to take a break for like 4 months because I had no car and the gym I was going to was too far away to walk. Before that I was training but with no focus on what I was eating (it’s crazy how much progress you make when you actually eat).

For the time that I’ve been training seriously I have gained some weight, like 5-7 lbs, and have gotten stronger (squat from 275x2 to 315x2 and bench from 205x3 to 205x6) all in all I’m happy with the progress I’m making with strength but I’m feeling a little too fat lately. The way I planned to get that under control is keeping my diet the same with maybe less carbs later in the day and also (mainly) adding sprints and intense cardio type stuff. I don’t really care about getting 6 pack shredded I just want to be able to be comfortable taking my shirt off when it gets nicer out.

I’ll try to upload pics but if I do they are going to be shitty cell phone pictures

Todays session:
Bench- 185x8 205x6 135x22
Chest press machine- 170x7

Alt DB curl- 45x5
Preacher- 50x6

Smith skull crusher/bench- 185x6
Tri OH raise machine
Tri pushdown- 150 (stack)x8 100x15

Another thing; I usually work up to a top set and then drop down and do lighter sets.

Hopefully going to get some sprints in later on.

Didn’t get to do any sprints but did get to the gym again and worked up to 215 for 2 on the bench, did 50 pull ups, and did 3x3 speed deadlifts with 225. Just a lil somethin extra that I’ve never done before so I figured I’d try it out. Got a little sweat going for awhile then got outta the gym. Probably taking tomorrow off.

Yesterdays session:
Squat- 275x9
Hack Squat- 2ppsx9
Lying leg curl- 130x8,4,2 rest paused
Calves DC style
Weighted abs


Military OHP- Worked up from the bar to 135x2 by 10 lbs (more than 8 reps first then dropped as the weights went up) First time doing these in awhile.
Cable laterals- 50x6 30x23

Yates rows w/ body english- 225x13 225x10
Lat PD- Worked up to 200x4 dropped down did 160x12
Shrugs- 225x10 135x27 I’ve done more but I didn’t have chalk today

Farmer walks-5 trips with 70 lbs a hand plus the bar (80 or 85 total). I never tried these before but I was the only one in the gym so I had enough room. They worked good as a finisher and fried my grip and my traps.

Todays session:

Bench Press- 2 sets 225x3 PR!! 205x7
Chest press machine- 180x4 190x2 2 forced

Alt DB curl- 45sx7

Skull crush bench press- 185x5 135x16
Tricep Push over machine- 110x7 80x11
Push down- Stack x 11 100x18

Felt good today probably because I got like 12 hours of sleep last night. Thank you ZMA

Todays session:

Squat- 335x1 PR!!!
Hack Squat- 2ppsx10
Lying leg curl

Calves DC style
Weighted abs

Farmer walks- 6 trips(only one way) X 100 lb DB

Squats were beltless and parallel

10 sprints on the outfield of a medium sized baseball field. Dead tired.

Standing MP- 125x4 115x8
DB lateral raise- 3x30x8

Yates rows- 245x8 185x12 135x18
Lat PD- 180x6

Shrug- 225x10 275x5 135x35 gotta start using straps on these

Leg day switched squats for deads

Deadlift- Up to 335x1 315x3
Deficit- 265x5
Speed- About 6 sets of 3 at 225

HS-2pps 25x8
Lying leg curl- 150x5 4 1 RP


Shitty bench session today:

BP- 175x10
Chest press machine- 200x5 4 forced

Alt bi curls- 50sx3 35sx11
Preacher- 50x8

Skull crusher smith BP- 185x7
Tri pullover machine
Push downs

Later on 10 sprints

Standing MP- 115x10, 4x135x3 3x95x5
Cable raise- 50x10 40x15

Lat PD- Worked up in 6’s for a bunch of sets and just wanted to see if I could do the stack got it twice =]
Yates row- 255x6 2x225x10 135x20

Shrugs- 225x15 135x40
Pull ups- 3x15 1x20

Squat- 315x4 225x13
Lying leg curls
Weighted abs

later on went to the gym with a friend and did rack pulls from a little above the knee got 405x2
also boxed for cardio

yesterday’s session:

Speed bench w/pause- 10 sets 135x3
90 degree peck deck machine
Chest press- 210x3+3 forced

Alt. bi curl- 50sx4
Preacher- 50x8

Tri pull over machine

Stand MP- 120x8
DB lateral raises

Lat PD- 210x7
BB rows with a wide grip- 3x185x6

Took a few days off because I was feeling beat to shit came in today…

Deadlift- 365x1 big pr!! tried 385 no dice…next time
Front squat- worked up to 175x5
Lying leg curl/Leg extension/Seated calf raise superset

for deads also did 315x5 sorry for double post

new pr the other day for bench 235 paused on my chest

MP- 135x2 95x12 supersetted with db laterals 3x20x12
Rows- 225x8 w/straps supersetted with pull ups 3x10
back row machine- up to 12x8
Shrugs w/ 245 supersetted with 80lb db shrugs