Skinny Fat-Pursuit of a Better Physique

Hi everyone, I know many of you may not know me and that is because I am new. I have been browsing this site for about 1 year without an account. I was creeping seeing the many people grow within that year and that always motivated me.

I have been working out for 1 year and 3 months and I know that is not a very long time but I am always trying to improve on my strength and physique. In doing so, I am looking for constructive criticism that will help me improve overall and this is my choice on doing it.

Please accept me with open arms and provide the help I need.
These are pictures I have taken today after my workout. Be brutal if needed.

Current Stats: 5’7 189lbs 18-24%BF
365 squatx2
225 benchx2
435 Deadliftx1


Back Double Bi


“Most Muscular”

Sorry for side way pics…

Front Double

Ask if you want me to repost

nice work on your quads!!

just perving… don’t really have anything else to add…

You aint skinny-fat! (that means a higher than normal BF% due to no muscle mass)

I meant that’s where i started. I do not own my beginning but i want people to keep that in mind

You’re not skinny-fat. If you decided to ‘diet’ down, based on the leg shot, you would probably look pretty good. At the same time, you could just work at getting stronger at your current weight and have the side effect of possibly adding some muscle. Or you could just keep doing what you’re doing… seems to be working. I wouldn’t put you at 24% bodyfat either.

Looks like you are doing well for yourself.

Just keep doing what you have been doing.

Thanks so far guys. Are there any parts that I am lacking? I feel my proportions are not there.

[quote]ACSnOatz wrote:
Thanks so far guys. Are there any parts that I am lacking? I feel my proportions are not there.[/quote]
Proportions for what?

You have been lifting less then a year and a half.

Just keep eating right and hitting the heavy complexes.

No need to be overly critical at this point.

Are there any weak points in my physique? I know i need more chest and deltoids but i need help finding more.

Bring up everything.

Photo taken today after workout.

Your weak point is experience. Lift hard my dude, jealous of the quads.

Dude, you are likely bigger than many here. Keep up the good work. Yeah, you have weak body parts…all over. That is what this is about, creating something that looks closer to your own ideal. You are at too early a stage though to act like any one body part is lagging that much.

Keep eating and lifting. In 2-3 years you won’t be recognizable if you take this seriously.