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Skinny Fat Problems: Should you Bulk or Cut First

Short answer, it depends.

However, I’ve seen 3 people prefer cutting first: Radu Antonio, PictureFit, and Jay from A Workout Routine.
It mostly depends on Body Fat percentage. You must see some abdominal separation (4 pack) before your start bulking. Otherwise, cut.
I want to hear your opinion on this.

Borrowing from your other post, you are 5’10" and 137#. Cutting should not even be in your vocabulary at this point. Put on muscle!

If you’re totally caught up in the bodyfat % and getting abz, look at it from this point of view: Say you’re 137# and 15% body fat, that would put you carrying 20.55# of body fat. Now, put on 30# of muscle, putting you to 167#… That same 20.55# of body fat puts you just over 12% body fat, and looking a hell of a lot better than if you just lost body fat to sit at 12% body fat at 125#.

Didnt guys started answering this in your other post?

If you’re slender from lack of muscle, and a little soft from excess fat You Need More Protein. Body composition is not good because Diet Composition is not good. Train, then feed your muscles something to grow on!

I’m aiming to improve my calorie partitioning. Lyle McDonald explained this in his article.
Google Calorie Partitioning Body Recomposition.

For those with genuine concerns for me. I’m doing my fat loss REALLY SLOW (close to 0.3% of my bodyweight per week) to allow my muscles to be built during deficit (noob gains) and so my body won’t fight back too hard.

However, please note that I post this article not just for me but for those with similar dilemma.

IMO doesn’t matter which. Choose one you’ll be motivated to stick with

Sounds like you need some Soviet Sports Supplements lel

Respect for aspiring to optimal training/diet and putting in the time/effort to learn but all you need right now is to lift.

Pretty much whatever you do you’ll have success and for all the effort you put into learning and applying “optimal” principles it won’t make much difference maybe 10%.

A stupid kid popping pills or a dude with some BBC genetics will do much better than you while having no clue what they are doing.

As fun as it is (at least for me) over analysis is at worst just holding you back at this point and at best a waste of time.

Neither. You should eat and train. Your scale weight should increase, and your body composition should improve.

If you are carrying a lot of extra fat, then you should probably focus on getting leaner first (for health and peace of mind). Bu no one who is 5’10" and 137# is carrying a lot of extra fat.

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Hold the fuck on your not asking a question are you?? Your posting this as advice for beginners are you not !!!?

Remind me not to get on your bad side bulldog lol
Jayvee most of that is just your opinion, some people cut and bulk, some people stay lean year round and others don’t even worry about either.

If you are actually 137lbs I think you just need to lift something and eat some good food. (Just my opinion)

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Dont mind me… For some reason I have had PMS as of late.

If you’re skinny-fat, then you should bulk. When you hit a plateau (progress on all lifts slows to a crawl), use it as a good opportunity to cut for a bit, then go back to bulking.

Muscle takes years to build: fat takes months to cut. And the more muscle you’re carrying, the more efficiently you can cut.

Why would you even consider cutting at 137lbs?