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Skinny Fat Jealous Boyfriend Syndrome


For the third time in the past 2 weeks, I have been talking to a girl at a bar, and have had some skinny fat douchebag boyfriend aggressively initiate a handshake to introduce himself (to let me know i'm talking to his girlfriend). It's funny because two out of the three times, the girl is the one that approached me.

Do any of you feel the need to do this? If I'm out with a girl and she is talking to a guy for whatever reason, I'm in no way compelled to interrupt their conversation to act like a douche. I'm probably closer to rooting for the guy to buy her a drink.

Last night, I pretended like the handshake hurt and responded with an "easy there big boy." He didn't think it was as funny as I did, and proceeded to get in a fight with his "girlfriend."

I've always got these little guys trying to start shit for the dumbsest reasons....

Anybody have similar experiences?


^ T-man.


You should definitely be more of an asshole about. Either call him out subtly to his girlfriend, or just embarrass him. Say something about how you aren't gay but accept his lifestyle choice, whether or not his parents do. After he leaves you can always get his girl to see how he's insecure in the relationship, whether or not you want to sleep with her, hilariousness will ensue, even if you don't see it.


You could run a train on said GFs. As long as you and your boys are lookin jacked in your bedazzled Ed Hardy/Affliction shirts no one and I repeat NO ONE will fuck with you.


He's clearly a beta-bitch. Project your alpha aura whenever he's around. If he goes up to you to shake his hand, stare at his hand for a second, then his face and back to his hand...........and then resume your conversation with his GF as if he doesn't exist.

If he acts perturbed by this obvious snub, explain to him that he's already introduced himself to you in the past and you have already come to the determination that he has nothing of value to add to the discussion you are engaged in, regardless of what that discussion may be about, because he projects forth an image of redundancy and unintelligence.

If this upsets him further, simply explain to him that you have every right to pick and choose who you do and don't associate with, and that unfortunately he did not make the cut, but that his GF did. Tell him that you have no plans to pursue his GF in any sexual manner and that you simply find her conversation skills to be stimulating (and much better than his) and that if he was comfortable in his masculinity and his relationship with her, that he would simply take the fucking hint and leave the two of you alone rather than constantly try to interject himself into all of her affairs like a goddamned babysitter.

Be ready to possibly engage in physicality at this point. Stand up taller and puff up like a fucking adder, just to remind him again who the Alpha Male is and who the beta-bitch is. You can even try to calm the situation down by offering to buy him a beer if he promises to leave you alone afterward.


lol. who cares about girl's boyfriends?

Not I.

If she aint stopping you keep going...have your boys roll up with you if he tries to get pissy about it.


Wait...so you see this girl at this bar 3 times in the past 2 weeks..2 times out of the 3 she comes up TO YOU to talk. Did the boyfriend step in each time, or was this the first time?
Sounds like it's only a matter of time before you two hook up lol.


Haha I wish. No, It was three separate occasions with three different girls/bfs.


cuz all teh bitchez want you bro.


oh god I just laughed so goddamn hard.


Ahhh freshman year...hard to believe high school has been over for 2 years!


That's it...outnumber the guy. That's fucking ALPHA!!!1!

Seriously though, bitching because a guy wants to clearly indicate that his girl is HIS girl is pretty lame. Even if the girl initiated the conversation, the guy probably doesn't know this. I'm sure if the guy did nothing, some of you would call him out for being a pussy.


that's the bro-brah catch-22 right there. The guy is a beta-bitch for saying anything and a complete pussy if he says nothing, and it all stems from the fact that his GF initiated a conversation with another dude at da club.


and thats why real bro's keep their ho's on a leash...a short one.


Cooper has the fuckin plan in the bag! Its god damn fool proof,


If any guy has to follow his girl around and announce their relationship, I feel pretty sorry for him. Even if somebody feels the need to do so, they could do it politely, or in a way that isn't indicative of being a little bitch.

I'm not saying I want to be confrontational in any way. My point is, if you walk up to me out of the blue and attempt to be intimidating with a handshake....I will make you look/feel like a douche. If your girl is getting attention, take it as a compliment and move on.

When you date hot chicks you have to be comfortable with them getting a lot of attention. If you try to act all territorial and insecure, she will resent you, and leave/cheat on you.

My point of this thread was to see if anybody else had any similar experiences and how they handled it. I'm digging the hand/face stare and ignore approach. I would like to see more similar responses....


If that fucker gets a little squirrelly, take his ass out by initiating Alpha Measures A and B on his ass. They better have to take you out of the club like this, or you ain't alpha enough for this site.


Yeah and keep the leash chained to teh bed :wink:
You change your avatar way too often SickAbs. Bring back the classic 'open sweater sickabs avi'


OP, that post is pretty spot on.
The ability to not be insecure and be confident that your girl can talk to a man without cheating is an admirable and attractive trait. Once a guy starts to act like he owns me, I leave.
I'm not in a relationship to feed anyone's insecurities.


Seems relevant.