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#@&* Skinny Fat Jared

I’ve seen the posts about the miracle 6gm-o-fat subway and how Jared went from lardass to skinny lardass and I thought that it must be US of A propaganda - wrong !

Jared has gone international, or more specifically is “bouncing” around in the antipodes quite regularly on TV. All is now lost for NZ as this will no doubt be heralded as the next “miracle diet” amongst the popular press.

So thanks for the previous “heads up” as I can start a Deep South anti Jared campaign!

Good for you. Jared looks like shit, actually. I think most of the people on this forum would rather be fat with a little mucsle underneath than look like him. He looks weak as a kitten.

Yeah, I’ve seen them too, not flash. Not as bad tho as Barbara Kendall (Olympic Boardsailing gold medallist)extolling the virtues of Vanilla Wine biscuits as complex carbs and shown snacking on them thru her busy day.

Aren’t olympic athletes on McDonald’s & Subway commercials? Makes me want to go get a grease burger & fries. :slight_smile:

You’re pissed becuase the guy lost weight? Or, is it the money he’s making? Would you feel better if he was still seriously obese and not getting advertisement checks? Not everybody wants to be ‘buffed.’ Just dropping all that fat drastically reduced possible health issues for him. I like this mag but, the vanity and snobbery sometimes displayed in this forum is beyond the pale.

Well this is how i feel…yeah its good that he dropped his bodyfat…but the stupid people of america see this and everyone wants instant results so they jump on the bandwagon…the point is that it spread wrong information…saying that following their diet is healthy and you will loss weight…I know some people who only respond well to a low carb diet…and subway diet has a ton of carbs in it if you eat there three times a day(cuz of all the bread)…plus one has to think of mineral defiecence cuz they dont offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables…and the meat is fuckin processed from hell…now its better to eat there then taco bell or something but still its best to learn how to cook your own food…

I totally am with you man…this shits gotta stop spreading…its like fucking wild fire man…and my only question is whos the next joe the jackass thats gonna get burned? I say we round up Richard Simmons, Jared, Tony Little, and all other infomerical and jackass fitness so called gurus and drop em off in afghanistan…by the time these three get done with afghantistan the whole damn country will be dead of obesity and probably gay on top of that lmfao…anyways let me know what yall think about this idea.

I don’t think people are upset at Jared as much as they are Subway trying to sell a diet that we know is unhealthy. People on this board are more knowlegable than the average person so when any of the infomercials try to sell something bogus, we know it. The fact is, the majority of people want to get into shape but do not want to work for it, or give up their favorate foods. As long as these people are out there ( and they always will be) someone will be trying to make a buck from them.

Jared is the focus because he is the spokesperson for Subway and their diet. He gets paid to sell their diet. The main issue is that Subway and Jared are selling an unhealthy diet. Roughly 90% of those using the diet will gain back all of their weight. They’re cashing in on ignorance, laziness and low self esteem, the spokesperson is the oldest trick in the arsenal of the fad diet. It’s frustrating that quality information is available and yet so often falls on deaf ears because it isn’t “easy”. Besides, a bodybuilding lifestyle is the best way to achieve permanent fat loss so it can be expected that we will be a little self- righteous.

Has anyone seen the “Subshack” skit on Saturday Night Live? They are replaying it now on Comedy Central and it is hillarious. Jimmy Fallon plays Jared, and th skit is the exact opposite of the regular Jared commericals. Basically everyone on it is extremely fat and the food they eat is hillarious. One sandwich is unbelievably high in sodium and another in fat…it’s great stuff, really funny. I just saw it yesterday on Comedy Central.

Heh heh!!! Jared lives right down the road from me in Fishers, IN in fact. I have seen
him a few times at the gym believe it or now.
Jared just bought a huge (close to 5,000
SQFT) house. Jared has a really hot looking
wife. Jared has a fantastic new car. Jared
doesn’t exactly work too hard for all this.
You can call Jared a dork all you want (hear
that Chris Shugart?) and you might be right.
But he is a mad sports car driving, big
assed house livin’, hottie for a wife fucking
dork and that beats what he was before, a fat
fucking retard with no life and no friends
who couldn’t get laid in a woman’s prison
with a fistful of pardons.

For a guy who has it all now, he is actually pretty nice, believe it or not, as I have spoken with him twice at the gym. Yeah, he is weak as fuck but he doesn't care. At least he is in the gym and not stuffing his face with cheezy poofs and snacky cakes. -


I don’t know, Brock, I don’t think the fact that he’s making money makes up for misleading millions of people into adopting an unhealthy diet. Of course, it’s not really his fault, it’s Subway’s. He just lucked into the situation by writing a letter to them after losing weight.

Hmmm, maybe when I dropped 60 pounds back in college by eating only a bowl of cereal a day and destroying my health I should have dropped a note to the cereal people. That way I could have helped others damage their bodies and have a big house, a hot wife and a fancy car. Oh wait, nevermind, I have all that now from helping people improve their health and bodies. (Actually, the hot wife came along when I was a broke ass high school teacher, but I digress.)

It’s good to hear my buddy Jared is in the gym lifting at least. Add a couple of Slim Fasts and he’ll be a real stud! :slight_smile:

Well Chris, wait until you see my new column…I am helping a 250 pachyderm of a
woman shed half her bodyweight in 8 months
or less. I promised I would make her a
T-Vixen. And I will not let her down.
She does eat at Subway occassionally too :slight_smile:


Brock, if you can get a picture taken with you and Jared holding an issue of Mad, you can get a free subscription.

Jared’s got a hot wife? I always figured that he was as queer as a $3 bill! C’mon you guys-you see the way he smiles and waves at all the firefighters in those new commercials as he slides a footlong in his mouth (catch the pun?)…Brock-Next time you see him at the gym, check to see if he walks in through the “Out” door…

Methinks Brock wants to be the next Richard Simmons. : )

yep, thats me!!! Anyone for Deal-A-Meal?