Skinny Fat, I Know Disappointment, the Log

First off apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

27 years
185 lbs
22-24% bodyfat, based off 7 site capiller

185 x 12= 2200 calories

200 grams protein . . . 800 calories
200 grams carbohydrates . . 800 calories
65 grams fat . . . 585 calories

I’ve noticed that I’ve become a bit insulin resistance.
And the fat keeps piling on. Pictures will be added soon.

Does this seem about right?

Will give this a run for 2 weeks before even thinking of tinkering with it.
Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.

I’m not an expert, but I just thought I’d chime in and say this is the right place to log your progress. Over time people might offer some specific advise to your training/diet/questions etc… But if you have very specific questions, it might be good to put those in the Beginners forum or another forum that relates to the specific question. The Beginners section has a lot of regulars who give really, really awesome advice.

Right now your diet looks like it could be OK. I think a lot will depend on what your workouts are. But I agree with you, stick to it for a couple of weeks and then assess and make changes if needed.

No one will consider you a disappointment for being skinny-fat today. If you’re still skinny fat a year from now and you start another thread detailing your non-progress and all the excuses why, then you might be a disappointment. But not today.

Welcome and good hunting.

Thanks BBB for the input, greatly appreciated.

Activities guy, thanks for the words bud, I feel like I really need to target the fat loss, the general strategies that I’ve been trying aren’t cutting it. Again I could put that all on me, since I have pussy footing around.

Well I guess I can say I did a trial run, and it was horrible. Towards the end of the day, I was pissing uncontrollably. 5 times in a 30 minute span.
It was more annoying than worrisome.
I did drink about half a gallon of water water with a few scoops of Mag -10 mixed in during the work shift.
So called up Mi Madre and she said to kill some ginger tea, that helped a little, and its slowly been getting better. I guess the rice and potatoes wrecked havoc on the stomach.

Still haven’t really decided on the program layout yet, maybe I’ll go off on a limb and try hard body training, never tried a true “fat loss” program before.
That being said I’ll have to replace the squats with front squats though, squats kill my shoulders.

So still eating crap, but the past few days I’ve been getting in a decent breakfast; oatmeal, honey, whey, almond milk, cinnamon.
My piss has returned to normal, (the color is yellowish again, rather than that clear piss), the constant pissing is gone, bowels were soft during that time, but have somewhat firmed up, but not fully back to normal firmness just yet.

Tried push presses the other day, have this deep joint “soreness” especially in the shoulder complex area, not sure if thats a good thing or not, or if it was from doing the hang clean to get bar to shoulders and the lowering instead of dropping the bar.

So, been hitting my breakfast, so thats good. (Don’t know if I mentioned but after the pissing marathon. I decided to ease into things. So hitting a “healthy” breakfast is a start. And I’m going to use a 2 week ease in period. After that I expect to be on a regular flow. . . Wow that sounds feminine.)
And for the rest of the day, counting my calories and macros on the phone, first time using a phone diet app. Helpful in a sense.
Also noted that I wake up feeling hungry, guess that could be the fact that I’m actively trying to not overeat my calories.

Training wise did the 2nd upper body day of the hard body training program. I went in thinking it would be a “quick” 40 minutes maximum session.
Boy was I wrong. I know cardiovascular wise, I’m pretty bad, this was tough enough. As I noted the first thing to go was my grip.
Anyways my sides, serratus in particular is sore.
And this is after 2 days.
Remember that I’m treating this as a break in period also, for example the current session was suppose to be a feeler where I did only 2 rounds/sets of the listed trisets, but was feeling good and did the whole thing.

Need to do a better job with sleep and recovery.

Took some measurements and stuff. Will post later on with pictures.

Well eating breakfast has been going good. So thats a plus.

Let me talk about training first, will come back to nutrition later.
Read the previous post and realized that it was the lats that were sore, never have my lats ever been this sore, then again I never did pulldowns, and always treated them as an afterthought if even that.
If you can’t do pull ups, do hangs, negatives, use a band.
But the pulldowns kicked my arse, boy were they (lats) sore the next day or two when I tried to foam roll.
I know its only been 5 days since my last post but I feel like so much has happened since.
I had gone in to do the whole body training day, did a few hang cleans, wasn’t feeling to hot, decided to scrap the scheduled session, work up to an “explosive” double or single (can’t remember which one) on the deadlift.
A day or two later I was still feeling some soreness in the mid traps, was liking the feel of it soo much decided to do the whole body training session again. This time I did the whole prescribed session, (note to self, the circut should be done in a matted area rather than in the cardio aerobics room, that wood flooring isn’t too joint friendly.) I used a “dynamax” med ball, (those big ass black and grey balls that are used in crossfit,) for the ball slams and noticed that my shoulders didn’t like the slamming part, will have to come up with a alternative for that.
The metabolic conditioning part of it was suppose to be as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of bike sprints, row ergometer, push ups, I split it up into rowing and push ups in 6 minutes and bike intervals in 6 minutes.

Today I did the lower body strength day, as prescribed, and I don’t know if I ever started sweating as early as I did today, maybe I was looking out for it, and that’s why I noticed the perspiration, placebo effect? Who cares
Did front squats instead of back squats, used the small plyo box as a depth tool, squatted down until hammies/glutes lightly brushed it and would stand back up, so no sitting on the box.
The slow front squats were killer, thats all I have to say.
Used 25 lb DBs instead of the 35 lb DBs, which would have been 20% of bodyweight.
I guess having the barbell in the front rack position for a while does a number to my hands, particularly the ligaments in my left hand, I feel a deep soreness in the palm of the left hand.
Since barbell hip thrusts hurt, I did single leg hip thrusts superset with half kneeling cable lift, did 10 reps instead of the 6-8.

And now back to nutrition. Somewhere in between these 5 days since my last post I got a “compliment” from a coworker I hadn’t seen in a while, which was I look smaller and flatter. I’ll take it for now.
Which reminds me I need to put up my measurements and pictures.

So had boiled potatoes as post workout meal, and it seemed to cause a problem.
As the post workout meal I had 3 hard boiled eggs, with some boiled potatoes, crushed some ginger tea with. About an hour or so later felt my bladder filling up, ended up taking a piss only thrice in about an hour’s time, not as bad as last time, but then again I only had about 4 oz of potatoes as compared to the last time I had potatoes of any kind.
So I guess potatoes are off the list (for now.)
Its weird, but I don’t think I’ve had potatoes since my last potato induced pissing marathon.

That’s it for now. Need to figure out what to eat post workout. Pre workout is half cup oatmeal with 1 scoop of whey mixed in (and I’ve been hitting that consistently since except for 1 day where I had 4 eggs Sunnyside, so I’m content with that for now.)
Remember one step at a time.

Did horrible yesterday, ended up eating fast food.
Today wasn’t any better. Due to sleeping schedule being thrown off I slept late, and decided to forego the gym session today. So no breakfast either. Got to work and a few hours later got myself a rotisserie chicken and a gallon of water. Ate 3 fourths of it in two sittings, even though I pretty much stuffed myself, I still had the hunger pangs after each sitting.

Kind of proves what I always knew that a more balanced meal is my best bet. Doing protein+carbs earlier in the day and around workout time and protein+fats later on in the day is a pain in the arse for a person like me. Bottomless pit for a stomach here.
And this proves why I’m skinnyfat, trying to baby myself about “oh this is hard, I can’t do this or that”
Fcuking excuses!
I disgust myself.

Anyways so if I just stick to what I ate today, it’ll be fine, will probably “balance” out from going over broad yesterday with the calories at least.

On a training related note. I will replace the push press with incline bench. The shoulders weren’t to happy with the last upper body day. I’m also thinking that I probably just had a bad session/ an off day. In the 2-3 times that I’ve done the push presses I started liking them. I understand that that push presses are more of a while body movement than a incline will be, but the shoulders were feeling a little “unstable” when locking out the bar overhead on the push presses. And with my history of shoulder and lower back/hip issues I guess I should play it safe.
On that same note I’m still “testing” out the bent over barbell row. I like the movement, makes me feel good throwing around a bar with 45 on each side with a flat torso. My concern with the bent over row is I don’t feel comfortable adding any more significant weight to the movement due to my cumbersome lower back history, I believe adding reps might be a better progression. Or I could do the chest supported row.

I’m still here, not giving up yet, and why should I.

Some updates, during the 2 weeks that I was using a calorie counter and hard body training program I dropped roughly 5 pounds, mostly fat. And I was not even perfect with my nutrition, far from it. I wonder how scary Coach Thibaudeau’s program would have been if I had nutrition dialed in.

I took a break after those 2 weeks because of stomach issues, some of the foods weren’t sitting right. The original plan was to ease into but, I wasn’t feeling any improvement. I still felt like the ying yang was off.

I’ve since dropped the oatmeal, honey, whey.
Am eating processed food that comes from a drive thru our from a store shelf because that IS “homeostasis” for me. Only difference being I’m popping digestive enzymes before hand. Seems to be helping some. Past few days have increased protein intake. Trying to shoot for 9 tablets a day, the bottle says 3 tablets before each meal, but I’ll just stick with 3 servings per day otherwise I’ll finish the bottle in 10 days or something.
I also bought sauerkraut, finished it in 3 days, 9 $ for 24 oz container.
I realized why it’s recommend to eat every 2-3 hours. The times that I go 5+ (anywhere from 5 to 22) hours without, I kill food the next time I see it, I don’t eat it, I kill it plus more.

I’m going to a lower/upper split.
Even though I really enjoyed Coach Thibaudeau’s hard body training program, I know my body and I feel as though this is what I need at the moment. With my knee, hip, lower back, and shoulder issues I’m better off not doing bent over dead stop barbell/pendlay rows just yet. Even though I really enjoyed. Same goes for the push press, I really tried to dial in the form, but my bum shoulder would always feel it. This is nothing against Coach Thibaudeau or his programs. Hell it was the most fun I had in a long time.

That’s it for now.