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Skinny Fat Hormones



I read an article that mentioned being skinny fat ( which is what i am ) is down to your hormones, and altering these will help the situation. Unfortunately it didnt give any more details or references at the time.

So in a very basic way, since i quickly lose the plot in detailed nutrition articles, what should i try to do, and try to avoid to get round my body shape. Are there times of day or types of food to have or leave out. I'm not looking to diet down, quite the opposite, but if theres something i can do to change bodyshape while gaining, i'd like to include it. At the moment aiming for 2500-3000 calories a day, 180g protein, bodyweight 150lbs at present.

Any hints gratefully received!


150 lbs? Are you a male? A midget? Post pics.

You are most likely "skinny-fat" because you have no muscle and are probably not accustomed to any sort of strenuous physical activity. You look shitty because all you are is fat hanging from bone with minimal muscle mass to give you any shape.

Forget about blaming your hormones and lift heavy weights.


No doubt, what you're worried about is trivial minutia that's going to end up driving you in circles.

Lift heavy weights ---> Eat lots of food ---> Do cardio so you don't get fat ---> PROFIT.


^^^^^^ read this 50 times. then do it... also idk if you actually have hormonal issues but if you have reason to believe you do then i would get some blood tests done


Mmmm. Blaming hormones. Incorrect. Unaccustomed to any sort of strenuous activity... So, met me in person have you? Ahhh no thought not. Speak to everyone in real life like this do you?

You dont actually know the answer to my question do you? No.

Its a simple question. Is there anything i can include in what i'm already doing that will improve my situation?

PS i already lift heavy weights and eat a solid amount of good food. Thanks for that genuine gym-rat help though guys, thats great...


How about you don't act like you know everything WHILE you ask for advice?

Get a clue before you start insulting people who are trying to help you FOR FREE. If you knew what you were doing, you wouldn't be asking for advice.


Well what the fuck more do you want dude? Do you want us to test you for specific hormonal imbalances to test if you're low on testosterone or something?

What are these "skinny fat hormones" exactly? You don't know, no one else knows... sounds like bullshit.

You wanted to know how to make yourself look better because of your "situation," what does that mean? Half the people who do this start out skinny-fat, skinny, or fat. What makes you so different?

Buck up, be patient, and stay consistent.

Oops, I did forget... if you hold a spoon to your nose while drinking one serving of Generabrand Super-Jacked at 4 PM once every day your skinny fat hormones will magically be cured.


As for advice, most people here would tell you to up your protein to about 225g/day (1.5g protein per pound of bodyweight), and get the rest of your calories from fats and carbs... with carbs being mainly at breakfast and pre/during workout (fat at all other times).

If you were looking for a standard recommendation.


It was an article posted a while ago. It just briefly mentioned along the lines of "If this is your bodyshape then you need to sort your hormones out". I think it was a Waterbury one. I dont know what he specifically was talking about, hence the question... Thats it... If no-one knows what the guy was on about in the first place, then fine no problem. No need to over react is there?


link to the article?

ok, to help your "situation" why dont you tell us:

years training

PR's in(if you do them or an alternative tell that):
military press

typical day of eating
(include macros, calories, time of meal, supplements etc)

training split and how many days per week

post a picture too if you want?


I think your snide post kind of warranted the over-reaction.

Okay, I have to be careful with this post.

Number one, what are your goals? If your goal is pure bodybuilding / mass gain / general strength or whatever, there are certain authors who are going to drone on unimportant aspects of lifting, and put waaaaay too many words and ideas in your head just so their shit sounds better.

One of the authors I'm referring to may or may not be the sole contributor to this current thread... JUST saying.

Look dude, the reason why I said what I did originally is because the thing that you're worried about is extremely inconsequential and probably has nothing to do with your physique or progress you're making.

Again, you're majoring in the minors. The topic at hand is not important. I mean, isn't it possible you'd be getting more/better responses if it was a legitimate concept? There are many people (myself included) who probably had far worse starting conditions when they started lifting than you.

Again... one more time just so I can say that I did my best... IT IS NOT IMPORTANT!

If you really feel like it's such a big issue, go ahead and go get blood work done at a doctor's office. Come back and pose questions if there's some outrageous hormonal imbalance. But if I had to guess... I'd say you're probably just trying to find a reason for not making the kind of progress physique/strength wise that you're looking for. Not a personal jab, just a guess.


I'm aware that my diet is probably very poor. I just want to be clear, i don't think i have a "special" "situation" "!" I'm aware everyone is some shape. The question stems from an article which said if you're in this category - sort this out first. i'm in that category! I have reasonable definition on my shoulders, pecs, bis, tris, quads and even my tiny neglected hammies. but even at 120lbs which i started at - age 30 - i never saw an ab in my life, always a pot belly. now i have 30lbs of "muscle growth" - if you can call 30lbs that - but still a pot belly. I dont mind carrying fat while trying to gain, i do expect it, but if i can change something to benefit, i'd like to know what it is so i can do it.

thank you


I see why you might say that. I know my gains are limited by me any time i miss meals / have an off day / lack of sleep / missing days in the gym which i shouldnt do. For each of these i lose potential lbs in gains. My gains or lack of are purely my responsibility. I know this from experience and reading. Its not such a big issue as going to the doctors.

I dont know anything about the nutrition side of things apart from what protein / carbs and fat is, and that more cals = better.

As above, i thought it was a legitimate thing that could be addressed, and that maybe someone might say "too many fast carbs / slow carbs / timing issues / eat more spinach / 4.5 doritoes a day will do the trick etc ect. " and that it was something to factor into diet. if it isnt... then i have another bowl of oats to be eaten...

thank you


Yeah I get what you're looking for dude, I really didn't mean to sound so abrasive.

I know what you're feeling because there was a time I was extremely unsure of what I was doing and if it was working the right way. It sucks hearing the hard answers like being patient and consistent and all that.

One thing I started trying was paying attention to my body on a day-to-day basis. Like, if I decided to try simple carbs pre/mid/post workout (or complex carbs, for that matter,) I'd try both for like 1-2 months or something, take notice of how my body was responding and adjust from there.

If I have simple carbs after a workout - I can see myself actually being VISIBLY fatter than if I have complex carbs. I know it probably has something to do with insulin and blah blah, who knows, but knowing the scientific termonology and all that isn't actually going to make me look any diffrent.

Instead, I just started focusing on things that I could visibly see and tangible adjustments I could make instead of theoretical solutions to the problem, know what I mean?

Like, all I'm trying to say, and I know it sounds cliche, is that everyone truly is different. I know a guy who use to eat like 900+ grams of carbohydrates a day. If I had that many, I'd probably explode. Just no way, haha. I also know guys who got pretty freaking big off 300 grams of protein a day...whereas I'm normally pushing 400 or more.

I guess the sooner you figure out what kind of foods, supplements techniques, and overall strategies work best for you, the sooner you'll be able to stick with that method consistently and start making gains.

I'm not sure how much you frequent this site, but there's a young buck around here named Austin Bicep who's managed to drop a fairly substantial amount of weight while getting legitimately stronger on every exercise he does. He found the "sweet spot" for him and he seems to be loving it at this point. Think about... keeping leanness while getting stronger! It's so nice. :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, that's why I originally just said the whole weights + food + cardio = good, thing. I know it sounds simple and stupid, but remember that most training regiments and diets are more of a guideline than an infallable concept. You need to find a basic template that works for you, and tailor it to your specific needs.

I'm sorry if any of this sounds redundant or non-helpful. Speaking from persnal experience (and I'm no colossus, obviously, as the profile pic indicates,) but I know when I stopped reading articles here and listened to/watched the biggest guys around me I started learning the most. There's a big difference between writing about getting big and actually getting big, ya feel me? Heck, next time you go to the gym and see a big dude doing something (and obviousl aren't barging in on them,) feel free to ask them some questions. It may be a little intimidating, but a lot of big guys would probably be plenty happy to help out a noob who's genuinely looking for help.

I'd read articles here and "Oh no! This and this is going to make my body do this and this..." and then I'd read another article that said exactly the opposite. Each argument would have citations and further support for the content they claimed, but when I got down to it, I started realizing that I was just holding myself back by worrying about all the little things.

Again, I hope this is helpful in any way.


Right, finished off 800 cals of oats since last post. Your comments are helpful, very. And thanks for such a thoughtful post. In fact you seem a carbon copy of me... plus a few pounds! I mainly read here, rather than post, as i feel i have very little knowledge to add. And yes, all those articles send you round on one big circle. Thats where this thread came from...

I've picked up a few things, like low incline benching and seated overhead pressing from prof X posts and similar. I posted about learning from guys in the gym before, very good when it happens. I've finally got a diet kind of worked out roughly, even though i think it prob needs more vegs in it. And i'm back to filling a log book, and funnily enough over the last few weeks of starting it, lifts are going back up, a few pounds might have crept on! I regret not filling that log the last few months, i think its vital now.

I know what you're saying about seeing what works and doesnt, the problem i find is that changes are long term in happening, not always noticeable, and im not really sure whats caused them perhaps. I'm concious of not wasting time doing unhelpful stuff too. A bit like cardio, i dont do any, since i find it so hard to gain weight, but then im not sure if im missing part of the equation. a bit catch 22...

Anyway, thanks for your post, no offence taken at all.


to me, skinny-fat isn't one condition, it's two (skinny and fat). You attack one by building muscle, the other by cutting fat. You can try both at the same time, but that doesn't usually work.

Waterbury's writing's are generally obsessed with hormonal effects which often don't matter. sure, if you inject testosterone and get liposuction, it will affect your hormones... but that's not overly useful advice.

If you have a belly, then 90% chance it's just fat. There's a 10% chance it's some sort of other bloating, maybe your gut doesn't handle things like grains or milk well, and you could try eliminating stuff from your diet for a few weeks (google "elimination diets"). But seriously, it's probably just fat.

And speaking of diet, it seems like the substantial majority of your diet is muesli and protein powder. You're a grownup. Try to eat adult food.


Op.. why do you feel the need to talk like Yoda?

^^First this...

^^Then this?


Yeah, putting on muscle fixes the whole skinny fat phenomenon...lol.

If you're serious about this then keep a food log and be consistent with what you eat everyday. Also be consistent and intense when it comes to training, days off here and there add up.


The whole skinny fat thing always sounds weird, figure out the amount of calories you eat in a day to maintain your weight increase them by a few hundred, lift heavy, squats and deads will increase your natural testosterone prodution and increase your metabolisim perform sprints once a week, once a week increase your calories or decrease 1 or 2 days depending on the scale.


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