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Skinny Fat Guy Takes the Plunge

Seeing other beginners step up has inspired me to do the same. I graduated college (I’m 22, 5’8" and 180 lbs) recently and instead of using the facilities I had during those four years, I sat on my fat ass and played video games and beer pong (in that order). But no longer; I am tired of being weak. I don’t care about a six pack. Anatomy taught me there’s one there already; it’s just some fat loss away, which is not my main priority. I just want to get strong. And that involves some active measures on my part:

I ordered Starting Strength a while back and it arrived yesterday (guess what I’ve been reading lately). A simple and fundamental program is exactly the base I need. I’m going to start light, so I make sure I get the technique down, but I’ll probably be passing my PRs (I haven’t lifted weights since 9th grade PE, so that shouldn’t be difficult) quickly.

I have a George Foreman grill and bought a crock pot. I’ll be using these two devices to fix the majority of my meals that don’t involve scrambled eggs (and some that do). The hardest thing for me will be eating small meals throughout the day at proper intervals, but if any of you have tips on doing so or make it easier, let me know.

I’m giving up my alcohol binges, also known as a night out on the town; it’s been hard getting out of the habit of partying Friday nights, waking up Saturday morning, drinking at the tailgate, going to the game, taking a nap, and then drinking some more, but after college, that becomes classified as alcoholism, so I’ve cut that out. The only things I’ve been drinking lately have been water, green tea, and milk (in decreasing order of consumption).

I’ve been trying to find a decent gym in my area. It’s difficult, but I guess with 3 major universities in the area, most people just go to their school gyms. Thankfully, I’m right in the middle so it takes forever to get to any of them /sarcasm.

I looked at one gym’s website and I’ll be heading over to it in a couple hours because I spotted a power rack in one of its pictures. Good enough for me. Also, their October promotion is “no dues till January,” which is another benefit.

Supplements: So far, all I’m doing is eating and taking fish oil with every meal. How do you guys take in 30g a day? With the fish oil I’m taking now, that would be 30 capsules a day. My dad bought a generic protein powder for additional caloric intake, but found Ensure more to his liking, so I take that (the protein, not ensure) as well.

Oh and I know I suck at using the search function, but if need be, go ahead and point it out. Any advice or flames are welcome, as they’ll only be fuel on my fire.

All I can say is good luck to you man. It seems like you have a plan, and are ready to go. Ive never done the Starting Strength program, but Ive heard good things about it. If you hit the weights with everything youve got, eat a lot of clean foods, ditch the booze, and get plenty of rest you cant help but succeed.

On the fish oil. I dont recall hearing you need 30g a day. If you get Flameout it says a serving is 4 capsules or 5.6 grams. Most of what Ive seen recommends 2-3 servings a day based on your bf%. So thats not more than 11-17 g a day. Some one correct me if Im wrong though.

Chris Shugart’s Quality Mass Diet

John Berardi’s Massive Eating Diet

There are a couple of links that might help you with the dieting portion of your plan. Those should help you put on the quality mass you desire.

Sorry, I think I mixed up my BMI and BF% (not used to being up this early). So I think my BF is around 25%, and I saw somewhere that 1g was recommended for each percentage point of body fat, but I’ll go through and read past articles. I’m going to go and see if I can find a fish oil with higher DHA locally, so I don’t have to wait on shipping times. That will allow me to cut down on the amount of pills I have to take(I hate swallowing these big ass pills).

Thanks for the links. Yeah, I tried to get 8 hours of sleep today, but I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I’m just going to zombie it out through the day, and crash at 10pm.

Fitday’s food log is amazing. I think I’m in love. Just finished my breakfast of 4 eggs scrambled, minus 3 yolks plus some liquid egg whites, which were almost over, a whole wheat English muffin, a banana, and a couple glasses of water.

As a noob myself, I really appreciated how Starting Strength broke things down to the level that a retarded high school kid could understand. Or me.

Best of luck and keep at it.