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Skinny-Fat Ectomorph


My problem:

I lift for 4 years, but a few years ago I was a classic fat. I cut from 200 lbs to 130 lbs (8 months). I became skinny and fat.

Today when I have kcal surplus I gain only fat...

  • low carb/hi fat bulking
  • high carb/low fat
  • hight proteins/very high proteins

...always I gain fat (I can get up 5-6 to per a week), but any strength and muscle mass don't grow.
I used traditional routines (Rippetoe, Reg Park, classic split).

IMO problem is work of insulin (?), I often have low levels of glucose and I'm still tired.

What do You think about it?


Do you mean you can gain up to 5-6lbs per week when gaining?

If so, you are gaining too fast and that's why you are getting fat.


Start counting your calories and increase them slowly. Also, I'd increase your training volume. Things like Starting Strength and some of Reg Park's old routines are low rep, low volume. Adding more reps and exercises might help you from getting fat so easily.


There's no way you have 4 years of weight training behind you. I see no muscle development at all. Whatever you're doing training and diet wise is wrong. Anyone who challenged their muscles for 4 years would have some development, REGARDLESS of their diet. You do not look like you have done so.

You must begin to read the labels on foods and count your calories and protein. www.nutritiondata.com is a pretty good overall resource. Use it to see how much you are actually eating, and make sure you are consuming no less than 15 times your bodyweight in calories. For you, that means around 2000kcal every single day. Most of those calories should come from lean meat, whole eggs, white rice and potatoes or yams. No junk. You can eat more food, as long as it's clean.

You must also begin training with progressive resistance using 6-15 repetitions. That means to lift a weight until you can't do it any longer for about 3 sets, and try to add more reps or weight to the bar next time. When you can do 15 reps, add weight. Train 3-5 times per week and get plenty of sleep. You can really rock it with that alone, if you put your heart into it.


Thanks for opinion. It was a bad four years... :frowning:

FBW routine or P/P/L? What's Your idea?


Either work so long as you stick to it. Just remember basic principles of progressive overload.


Get your testosterone tested. These people have no clue what you're going through.



do you think you are 'skinny fat' in any of your pics above, or just skinny?

how are you measuring fat gain? waist circumference? calipers? mirror?

how much are you eating?


How tall are you?

You really wasted your time for those four years time. Wrap your head around that, get angry about it, and then use it to fuel your motivation going forward.

But more importantly, why did you decide to cut down to 130? Was that the goal weight, were you just trying to look ripped no matter what, or what?

So you're saying that no matter how you eat and no matter how you train, you don't build strength and muscle? Either you have some serious medical condition, or you have absolutely no idea how to eat and train. Both of those are fixable.

Try to get a quick check-up to make sure you're functioning properly and aren't borderline-diabetic or anything, and then get on a program from the Archives here and follow it to the letter. Pretty much any one will be fine. And, as was suggested, write down what you eat each day so you're aware of it. There are also tons of nutrition articles that should sort you out.


Do you really believe that you are fat in those pictures??

Also there is no reason why you can't gain 5lbs a week, its just a number, the important thing is to be eating correctly, training hard and maintain a healthy hormone profile. If that all leads to gains of 5-6lbs a week, or 5-6lbs a month, don't stress about it. Don't get caught up in the mindset of only gaining a certain amount each week.

X2 on getting your test levels checked. And listen to Chris Colucci, he's much smarter than I am.