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Skinny Fat Clean Bulk, Help


I'm 6'4 about 205. I'm wanting to really knock my skinny fatness out, and I've come to the conclusion that clean bulking, strict dieting, and working my ass off is the only way that its going to happen. I (in my own opinion) have the strangest body I have ever seen. I can upload pics if needed.

I have a man boob. Yes just one on my left side that sags a bit. I do have abs you can see top four usually. Very very small traps. But very wide in the shoulder. Muscular legs and smallish arms, a little over 15".

I want some advice on everything.
I need help with my macros.
I need help with my training. Reps, sets etc
And how much cardio to do

The diet is where I'm struggling the most. I eat healthy things 97% of the time but I just can't seem to lose that boob or stack on mass like I want. I have no problem with putting in the time not the work. I just want to get it perfect so that I can finally start making gains towards my goals.

I do eat in surplus when I'm working out. And I can put down just about any amount of food you put in front of me. I don't however because I do not want to blow up like a balloon.
I would really appreciate any help or advice.

Thank you in advance. JB


From my experience on this site I can probably tell you no one will give you all this info on a silver platter. There are plenty of threads and articles that look into nutrition quite extensively though.

Try searching around the site a bit for some good articles and threads on nutrition, as well as some of the different training programs.

I don't have links any links right now but sure someone might post some.


Yes, please. I'm having trouble imagining a 6'4", 205-pound guy with four abs showing, muscular legs, and very wide shoulders, who's still "skinny fat".

Oh, is that all? Ha, okay then.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

What is your specific goal?

While we're at it, what does your current training look like? The days, exercises, sets, and reps. The more info we have, the better feedback you can get.


Train progressively choose any routine that's proven to work.

Eat whenever you get hungry but don't let yourself get hungry, at least 1 gram pro per pound other macros however you want from food sources John Meadows would recommend. It takes time so give it time and work hard


As Chris said put down your training and your maxes....

I'm guessing you need to focus on getting stronger.


Unilateral gynecomastia is not uncommon. It occurs on the left side in most people.


What's up with that?


In men, it is just a phenomenon that science can't explain. It isn't uncommon to have gyno worse on the left side. You see this often in pro bodybuilders.

Ronnie's was mostly unilateral.


I also have a little titty on the left side. Gaining some mass has helped disguise it, but I didn't know it was common!
Finally, feel like I am a part of something


To the OP

When I stated weight training, after losing 60lbs with cardio and diet, I weighed 205, about 20%bf.
Same height, 6'4' same initials, JB? Weird...

Counting macros and calories is great, it's acurate. But it might not be totally necessary for you if this is all new to you.

You gotta eat! More than you likely think you do. Focus on food and nutrition rather than macros. Eggs, beef, chicken, pork chops, turkey, salmon, yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans, dark and bright fruits and veg, nuts and avocados, ect

To keep it simple... Eat until your full, and start eating again before you're hungry. Quality foods,

Nobody ever got fat eating broccoli and chicken breasts


You can eat "healthy things" 100% of the time and still be fat.


Hence the "I eat soup and wheat bread but I'm still round as fuq" wall street crowd in NYC.
Painful to watch, but then I get ridiculed for eating yolks...silly me.

Anyway OP, not a veteran so take my advice with some mortons but as a skinny fat alumni just keep in simple and give it a year just to go from shit to suck. worry about going from suck to good later.

-count kcals
-fill up on vegs and protein, (no reason to be afraid of carbs but see point #1)
-lift 3-4 times a week (and don't think you can run a mountain dog routine out the gate)
-"cardio" is simply overdone by most, don't need more than 25min.


That is honestly how most newbs should approach their training.

It would eliminate the idea that you need to be doing everything "perfectly"...which really seems to do nothing but make people confuse themselves for years trying to be perfect.


Ever try reading some of the HUNDREDS of articles on this site? Try to implement what you learn from them. If you can't do it, hire someone.


Right, just as someone can get ripped while habitually eating so called "unhealthy" foods.


Cough cough, Kane Sumabat, cough haha


agreed. way to many people stress over the smallest shit.


qft. Eating clean made me more skinnyfat. I think any lifting program + IIFYM can cure any skinnyfat dude in months


look into stronglifts 5x5


Instead of worrying, find a way of training and a way of eating that seems to work for you. Don't feel like you have to do [insert exercise] just because it is recommended for most people. Train in a way that makes you feel like a badass. Go into the gym with the idea that you are ON A FUCKING MISSION. Same thing with the grocery store. Don't EVER assume u are like most people. You are you. Embrace it.

As for the 'on a mission' mentality... shit - get a shirt made (that reads "On A Mission") and wear it when you go to the grocery store just to remind you...

That was just a thought, but it gets back to my point above, that you are you. Embrace the shit out of it. Embrace what you want to become, and live toward that. You become what you think about. Especially if you have a network of awesome dudes (and chicks) to give you awesome advice. Only time separates the two men that are the now you and the future you.

I was just sitting here with my popcorn, waiting for this. Thanks Brick. He is usually right. :wink:

But yeah, basically this:

QFT. As for your idea of clean bulk, it sounds like you have the right approach to achieve your goal. I would consider an elimination diet. Wait, no. I mean I would do an elimination diet. Eat like this: http://www.pinterest.com/kristidavis/paleo-scd-diet/

I can't give you all the info you ask for, but I hope you find this info helpful.