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Skinny-fat, Cardio-Kitten Won't Lift!


Okay, my cat went on a diet, and has lost a few pounds, but now she's turned into a skinny-fat cardio junkie!

She complains about her extra flab, and I've been trying to get her to lift weights and build some mass to get rid of it, but she's afraid of bulking up too much. She's got lots of time to train and rest during the day, so I think Waterbury's HFT program would be perfect.

Her diet is pretty good, except for one major issue. She eats lots of protein, but she won't follow Berardi's suggestions and eat some greens with every meal and snack! She NEVER eats a vegetable. It's just not healthy.

Help me get my girl's training on track! She won't even lift a five pound dumbell!


Put a piece of tape on each paw. Best cat exercise program ever.


April Fool's or crazy shut in? I guess the former

BTW: carb cycling codex is the answer silly. I hear CT programs were originally designed for cats he's just adapted them to humans.


Berardi - what do I do???


Ugh, she thinks a five pound dumbell will make her bulky!


Sadly, the lack of feline footwear makes it difficult to determine her precise body fat percentage.


Give her dog food, its got vege's in it as well as meat.




it's anyone's guess....


only cardio for this kitty....


WTF? Your cat is looking ripped and swole!

I hardly think she needs any nutritional advice at this point, besides, you wouldn't want her to be non-functional when a mouse or rat showed up, would you?

I recommend putting in some submaximal dead mouse lifts for that long back... just by way of some sport specific training.

Possibly some plyo's for the max leap, I'm sure the top of the fridge won't be off limits for long!

Hey, not everyone has the same goals as us y'know.

For adequate recovery, perhaps you could add contrast sleeping pads, one hot and one cold?


eewww dog food? GROSS!


awesome advice Vroom - thanks - you're right, maybe I've been trying to impose my training goals onto her. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective... it's times like this that I'm SO grateful for a site like T-Nation.


You know, she really needs to come to the decision to change by herself. You can't force her. Cats do what they want! Be patient. Maybe buy her some pink dumbbells to see if that'll get her to lift something.

You could hook her onto the edge of a tall carpeted something to see if she'll attempt chin ups.

I never got any of our cats to EVER eat a veg. We had 6 pets and various strays - not a single veggie touched their paws, let alone their lips. But one of my cats took down a jack rabbit. She was a T-Vixen if I ever saw one!


Why is catfood so loaded with corn products? Is that why cats are so fat?

Our cat got a blue jay this morning.

I couldn't believe how much blood there was on the deck.

He was proud of himself.


My friend is having the same problem with his fish. Those fish just don't want to lift no heavy ass weights. They refuse to supplement with Metabolic Drive, too. They just spend all their time doing excessive muscle-wasting swimming.


My cock is stronger than your pussy.....I just had nothing to add. :slightly_smiling:


go cat!

seriously (even more serious than the rest of this thread), even really high quality dry catfood is based on grain. i started feeding my cat a really high quality wet food, raw beef, egg whites, seafood, chicken. she looks and acts years younger.



Jinx, thanks for the therapy. It's been a while since I've laughed out loud that hard. I think I woke up the fat guy next door - his characteristic sleep-apnea snoring pattern has temporarily ceased.

If Saint Berardi doesn't respond to your supplications, here's something that might work better than a dish of baby spinach: edible grasses. I grow them for my four cats, which keeps them happy and off the house plants (most of the time).

And happy April Fools Day!