Skinny Fat, Bulk/Cut Help

Hey so ive just turned 17 and have been lifting for a couple months now. i started out really weak benching the bar and i still am weak, over the last month or so I’ve followed stronglifts 5x5 my lifts currently are as follows:
Bench 20kg-50kg x 5
Row20kg - 50kg x 5
Deadlift 50kg- 90kg x 5
Squat 20kg-65kg x 5
So im skinny fat at around 20-22 percent bodyfat at 6 foot 2 and only 165 pounds. Half the time i want to bulk but i already have a belly and any amount of excess calories just goes to my stomach so then i stop bulking and decide to cut, but then i hit the gym and struggle to progress my lifts because im not eating enough food. Truth is im sick of my phisique and have been trying to get rid of this look for 12 months now however i just dont know whether to bulk,cut or eat at maintenance, its like i have a choice of going in a deficit and looking better but making no strengths gains or bulking and not liking the way i look but loving the extra pounds im putting on the bar. So please can someone help me decide what to do and give me any advice they have on how to make strength gains and feel confident in my body. Thanks

Your issue is you are fixating only on manipulating your nutrition and not your training. Stronglifts is absurdly low volume, and will do very little to drive hypertrophy. It is reasonable that, if you follow that program and add food you will only get fat, and take away food you get weak. The program’s only real purpose is to rapidly develop skill in a handful of lifts. You have developed that skill, it’s time to move on.

Pick something with a variety of rep ranges and assistance work to drive hypertrophy. 5/3/1, Westside Barbell for Skinny Bastards and the Juggernaut method are all good choices, and there are tons of routines on t-nation as well.


With low reps I always found that I hit wall quickly.

With high reps I get way better pumps and actually gain more.

Then I switch back to low reps for a while, to up my sthrenght. 1RM respectivley. And then use that shtrenght as foundation for more training.

By high reps I mean on 3 sets of 10 reps or 3 sets of 12 reps or what I like to do - 12-10-8.

I recommend the old squats and milk routine to get out of your comfort zone and experience 20 rep squats. I think every lifter should do it at least once. I think it would have more impact when adding 5lbs every session with 20 rep squats.

I did the routine when I was squatting 335. I started at 135 and it felt hard as hell. I capped off at 205 (started adding weight on a weekly basis halfway through). I may run it again after my next meet.

Also to add - I was 165-170 when I did the program, and I shot up to 185 by the end of the year. There’s different ones out there, but I’ll let you google those. Here’s what I did:

Squat 1x20
Ez bar pull over 1x20
Pullups AMRAP till I hit 25 total reps
Pushups or Dips AMRAP till I hit 25 total reps
I started at 40% of my max

I have mentioned this before…But I seriously do not think most beginners would follow this program if they were to actually meet the guy whom came up with it in real life.

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Yup. Blows my mind the gurus people will hitch their wagons too. But it’s because he has an app! All the thinking is done FOR you!

Mehdi is a clown, and he freely admits it. And then you had people following Jason Blaha. Meanwhile, no one shelled out the $10 for Steve Pulcinella’s new e-book. I just don’t get it.

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Yeah it floors me how all the accomplished guys whom have tittles and the such are overshadowed by the likes of the two that have been mentioned along with a few others I can think of.

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It’s because they’re convenient/mediocore/B.A.M programs, so people looking for that gravitate towards that.

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It’s not the new generation of newbs fault, really. Dicks like Blaha and Mehdi have built up such a following, it’s what turns up when you search for beginner routines. Can’t blame someone for googling beginner routines then doing the most popular one that pops up.

It was the first people ever to follow these guys that ruined it for everyone. They’re like the dude who fucked the monkey and gave us AIDS.


Good trainers need to learn how to market themselves or engage a firm to help them do it. CT Fletcher got popular simply by being a character and having a good (amateur) film crew film and edit his videos.

Even with a small small budget, there are freelance sites where they can engage them for a fraction of the price an established firm would charge.

Being as you guys dont like stronglifts, what routines do you think would be suitable for a beginner looking to mainly up his strength and gain some much needed muscle bearing in mind i can work out 3 or 4 days a week

3-4 days a week is plenty of time

Id recommend:
5/3/1 Boring But Big Variation
Texas Method
Or even Stronglifts with added accessory, although it might be simpler to follow one of the above^

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THANKS ! I laughed my ass off and now im going to Hell.

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My go-to routines for beginners are always the original 5/3/1 running the Boring But Big accessory template, or WS4SB.

5/3/1 is 4 days a week, WS4SB is 3 or at least it used to be; I think DeFranco released a 4 day version. I think the WS4SB I like is version 2.

What was wrong with the 3 I had originally suggested for you?

Nothing, i was just seeing what everyone else suggested so i can look at them all and decide on one

Dont get analysis paralysis with all these options. Pick one that works for your schedule and execute.

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Try them all. Give each one 6-12 weeks and see what works for you. After a year or less you will have tried a variety of exercise plans and well on your way to accomplishing whatever it is you want to accomplish.