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Skinny-Fat, Advice Needed

I was about 21 in 2009 and started training for the first time in my life. I started out with calisthenics and then fell into the abyss of fuckarounditis. Since then I’ve done kettlebell programs, barbell programs (power to the people) and made decent strength gains.

My physique never changed much. I tried cutting, bulking, eating maintenance. I have always had this skinny-fat look. I stopped using the barbell and am just fdoing calisthenics now while in a caloric deficit.

All I want at this point is to get very lean and then trying to build muscle while eating a slight surplus. I’m losing weight but the belly won’t go away. No matter what i’ve tried or done, that fat will not budge. I’m currently 6’ 1" and 160lbs. I’m just looking for some advice. And yes, I know I’m hairy lol

Some pics:



More lifting! -Weights first. Then you can mess around with other stuff.

More protein, More steadily! -40 grams, every 3 hours that you are awake.

Better Long Term Planning! -Muscles Now, leanness in the future. It will be easier to gain muscles in a “surplus.” And you are “fat” now, so your current “maintenance” is a “surplus.” So you’re already “bulking,” without consuming more calories.

In the future when you have way more muscles, losing fat will be easier. The huge muscles will burn more calories than the current small muscles. So in the future your “deficit” calories will be closer to your current “maintenance” calories. And dieting will be easier.


Read all the advice this dude got. Don’t do what he did with it


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That “belly” is mostly piss poor posture. Focus on gaining muscle by following @T3hPwnisher advice.

Thank you for the suggestions. I agree that my posture isn’t the best but when i sit down there’s at least 5 pounds of fat that i can grab in my belly. I accept the fact that I’m already skinny. I do not like the way this physically feels. I care more about how I feel than looks. My logic is to get very lean then start a long term slow bulk. What I want to know is if I keep cutting will I eventually be shredded? Because it feels like I won’t.

Do you do stuff for your abdominal muscles?

Situps on the decline board work well to tighten up my abs and obliques and give my mid section some shape.