Skinny Dipping

It’s four in the morning here and I can’t sleep damnit. I just went skinny dipping with my girlfriend and a bunch of our friends. Good times, good times…Just felt like telling you all that.

Any body else got any good stories? (Okay, I know mine wasn’t a story, nor is it even good…but damnit I’m bored…sorry :slight_smile:

Yeah it would be much better if you had pics of the females to show us…

Who were these girls, CC?

UK babes? :wink:

are they hot, and if so where are you from?

Hey what’s up Ryan? Hadn’t seen you in awhile :-). I see Jeremy all the time up at Two Keys (in fact, that’s where we all were before we went last night…hehe). Anyway, yeah my girlfriend is cheering at UK next year and most of her friends go there as well. Some of my fraternity brothers were there too. We did it over here at Grand Reserve, where I live. It was a fuckin’ blast. It was actually my girlfriend’s idea, because she was with a bunch of the guys and girls on the cheerleading team last weekend and they all went, but she didn’t go with them because she didn’t feel right without me there (aint’ that nice? :-). So she’d been really wanting to go since then. They told her to bring me next time though (apparently they go a lot). I know a lot of the people on the team and they’re all cool as shit to me.

You know she went skinny dipping with them. Heck, she even flew down here wearing nothing but a raincoat…

Ah, the memories :slight_smile:

Just joshin’ ya.

So tell me Clint, did any elderly war vets or widows join you?

I mean, Grand Reserve is not all students is it?


Damnit J, at least let me believe nothing happened…:slight_smile:

Actually, you’d be surprised Ryan. It’s mostly students and young couples that live over here. Everyone that works in the office is young. The Legends (our local minor-league baseball team for those that aren’t from Lex), the Horseman (indoor football), and the Men-O-War (hockey) teams all live here too. Saturdays and Sundays are a blast at the pool over here…flesh and fun everywhere. It’s like a mini-spring break every weekend…yay.

OH yeah, Lake Havasu in Kentucky, where CC’s woman provides the view…

I’m totally kidding. My highrise apartment has a tiny pool at the bottom, and it is so crowded on weekends, it’s ridiculous.

So yeah, I’m jealous.

Okay. You suck, Clint. Makes me despise my little apartment all the more.

Seriously though, what’s the rent? Heard it was hizigh.

The rent is kind of a bitch. I have a one-bedroom and from other people I’ve talked to with the same, they’re all in the 6-700 range (plus bills on top of that). Not sure about the two, three, and four-beds…

Yep. That’s high.

So whach you dealin’ bro to be making those bills? :wink: