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Skinny Bastards and Overhead Pressing


How can I switch the emphasis in the Skinny Bastards program from Bench Pressing to Overhead Pressing?

What changes do I need to make in the Max Effort, Repetition and Supplemental lifts?


Please read the previous replies from Joe Defranco. If I?m not mistaken this is the 4th time someone aks about OH Pressing.Why are you al so lazy?
Just read man.

PS: Don?t waste Joe?s valuable time with the same questions over and over again.



Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but I thought Joe only indicated that he thought that overhead pressing was not necessarily safe for the shoulders--not that one could not specialize in overhead lifts.


Let me clear up my views on overhead pressing one more time!

Here's the deal: I personally do not do ANY overhead pressing, nor do any of my athletes specialize in overhead pressing movements. I feel that for MOST people/athletes, it will lead to shoulder problems. Some of my athletes that have healthy shoulders and are blessed with good genetics, may perform some dumbell side presses with a neutral grip every couple of weeks in place of lateral raises for the medial delts.

The bottom line is that there are people out there who are genetically predisposed to shoulder problems due to their anatomical structure; and there are people who are genetically blessed with their shoulder structure and will never have shoulder problems no matter what they do. On Friday I gave the example of one of my training partners, Ben Tonon, who loves the behind the neck press. He can behind the neck press 315lbs. with no shoulder problems. Me and Ben grew up together, followed similar lifting programs for the past 15 years and we both played high school and college football. His shoulders are perfectly fine and mine are FUCKED UP! How do you explain that? The answer is genetics. Now I'm not saying that behind the neck presses are HEALTHY for his shoulders, but who am I to tell him to stop doing them when he hasn't had the slightest shoulder problem in 29 years!

As far as the skinny bastard program is concerned, you can manipulate it to specialize in overhead pressing if you would like. After all, it's a free country. It's simple, on ME upper body day switch my bench-press variations to overhead lifts: Push jerks, push press, seated military press, overhead pin press, etc. Simple enough for ya?