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Skinny Bastard Support Group

Summer is over now. No more shedding fat for the girls. Time to get big and ugly.

Flash, my thought EXACTLY!! I was gonna wait to start the massive eating diet until after Labor Day…but got too excited!! I am up three pounds in a little over a week! Good luck in your big and ugly journies!!

Im loving it, im used to not eating anything though. So this damn food is making me feel kinda bloated. O well, the joys of getting bigger

Flash, its funny isn’t it! Just as your body must get used working out, your stomach must get used to eating like a madman!! I have been on a low carb/low cal. diet this summer. I am not even hungary for 3/4 of the meals I eat! My stomach has been hating me so far, but its just another price to pay!! Time to get LARGE!!

sorry, but i prefer to stay lean and fit throughout the year since i like to look good naked all the time, and i like to keep and improve my athletic ability all the time. laters pk

I’m with you. Although i started my mass building journey the first of Aug. and since then i have put on 5 lbs…up to 190 I’m feeling bigger and my muscles are fuller, in the place i really noticed a difference was in the back. i think my lats are gonna slit a few of my shirts…I keep carbs kinda low all summer so when i upped them, the muscles just filled out…my gut is starting to fill out as well, but hell, it all in the fun! Nothing like consuming 4200 cals a day. i truly will miss heavey eating though in a few months when it is time to trim up again…As for now, let the eating continue!