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Skinny Bastard Needs Help


Hello there im 6ft 2inches and only 10 stone wat do you suggest i do to bulk up and also i have a large skinny neck which i hate what kind of excercises can i do to get a thicker neck. Thanks alot


wtf does 10 stone mean?


a stone is an old weird measurement for mass. 1 stone = 14 pounds.


To the OP: Heavy deadlifts will help you with both of those goals.


I suggest you eat a lot of food, thats how you add weight. As soon as you start adding weight, you overall appearance will be better so don't focus on certain body parts just yet.

Check the beginners sticky in the beginner scetion of the site.

10 stone is 64kg or 140lbs, by the way.


6ft2 and 140 pounds? I simply refuse to believe that.

In terms of training I know that CT's "Super Hero Program" focuses a lot on shoulder/neck training. Here's a sample of those exercises that he suggests for the first 4 weeks:

Monday (Shoulders conjugate/Traps heavy)
A. Seated dumbbell press
4 x 6-8 reps
B1. Upright rowing
3 x 10-12 reps
B2. Seated incline lateral raise
3 x 10-12 reps
C. Arnold press
3 x 8-10 reps
D. Lateral raise
1 x 100 reps (take pauses if needed)
E. Barbell power shrugs
5 x 5 reps

Thursday (Traps conjugate/Shoulders heavy)
A. Barbell shrugs
4 x 6-8 reps
B1. Haney shrugs (behind the back shrugs in the Smith machine)
3 x 10-12 reps
B2. Upright rowing
3 x 10-12 reps
C. Standing calf machine shrugs
3 x 8-10 reps
D. Rear delt machine
1 x 100 reps
E. Military press
5 x 5


There's been a lot of threads about neck size lately. My answer is the same for all of them, dead lifts out of the rack. A 400-500 lb rack dead for reps is going to do more for your traps neck than any shrug.



This guy is 140 lbs and you are recommending him a specialized split routine? I understand you are trying to be helpful, but come on. This guy doesn't need something as complicated as turning into a 'superhero'. He just needs regular deadslifting/squatting and heavy upperbody work.


Yeah agreed about not needing that specialized of a routine. I forgot to add to my post that simply gaining muscular size through heavy lifting will force your neck to grow.


whats so unbelievable about that? i started training at 6'3 roughly 125-130lbs.


I didn't really want him jump unto that routine, it was more a suggestion if different exercises he could use to strengthen his neck/shoulder region. Of course DL's should have been mentioned too. Sorry for not explaining myself better.

Well okay, perhaps the weight could be ok, but you growing downwards? Starting at 6ft3 and now at 6ft2. We might not be rocket scientists here but come on mate, we won't believe anything...! :wink: j/k


1) Losts of good healthy food (no matter how good a program is on paper, you're not going to gain much from it unless you eat enough)

2) Brief intense exercise sessions. Focus on the big "money" lifts (deads, squats, chins, bench, etc...) and try to keep your sessions under 1 hour (try pairing the exercises, it will cut down on total workout time while still providing sufficient recovery periods).

3) Rest. As a beginner (and one with little muscle mass at that) you probably have fairly low work capacity, and may have a naturally fast metabolic rate. So, you need to give your body sufficient rest between training sessions, and if possible try to actually decrease your activity outside of the gym.

4) Read everything by Berardi that you can regarding diet. Especially read the "massive eating" article, and use it to determine your daily caloric needs. Or, better yet I'll save you the trouble of searching. Just punch in your information here:


Good luck and good training,



Can i just say something here, the motivation that brought you to this forum and got you to post - hang onto that.

You'll need it and it's your friend!

I was in the same boat as you around a year ago. Solid, gradual progress is the name of the game.

Know that all the effort you put into your diet and workouts will pay off. Not right away mind you, but over months and years. Solid, gradual progress is the name of the game, not overnight hyooogeness.

Read, learn, eat, train, sleep.

Whatever you eat now, double it, then double it again. You CAN eat that much.


Yeah bro, im just gonna parrot what everyone else is saying...

EAT ALOT and start hitting those compound movements hardcore. Just go ball to the wall to gym and eat. I guarantee you will bulk like crazy.


Eat a lot
Dead Lifts
Overhead Press
Chin Ups/ Pull Ups
Eat some more

Rinse and repeat.


thanks guys. Also i have tried to upping my food intake before but the only thing tht got bigger was my gut like my whole body stayed exactly the same apart from my stomach which got bigger. Is the weight routine needed to use the fats,proteins,carbs etc and turn them into muscle all around the body?


Lift big weights to get stronger, then eat big to get bigger. Its as simple as that.

*High Frequency (overtraining ...never heard of it ...that's an injury if you overtrained)
*High Intensity (put forth EFFORT with progressive overload)
*High Commitment (consistency & proper nutrition are bigger factors than most realize)

Don't make things complicated. do the basics, and do them WELL! That will pay off better than anyone's super-spectacular holy grail routine.

As far as the neck thing goes ...wrestlers have pretty big necks from doing a "wrester's bridge".