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Skinny Bastard Looking For Help


First of i'm 17 yrs old and my current stats are about 5'7, 132 lbs..and i think about 12% Bf...i used to be a fat sack of crap about 165lbs and easily over 20% bf until i cleaned up my diet and excercised like mad.

The problem is now i can't seem to gain any wieght back. I eat about 2900 cal a day in the form of clean food like oatmeal, tuna, cottage cheese, the occasional shake...ect, and try to stay away from the whole junk food and fast food thing.

I lift about 3 times a week and do Interval type cardio twice a week...i am about to start an Ian King program soon (the one in the book of muscle) and i am looking to also begin JB's massive eating program...and i was wondering if i should be eating more...or cutting cardio altogether...ect...any help is greatly appreciated..thx


hey man i was a skinny bastard too around your age. and here's the secret. eat.


Welcome! The best thing I think you can do is learn, read this site as much you can but most importantly apply the knowledge to your training and eating. These are a couple of my favorites-






Hope this helps


thanks guys, i'll be sure to keep training hard and learn from this site.


Feel fortunate that you have stumbled upon the likes of Ian King and John Berardi.

Thats like finding 2 diamonds hidden in an acre of shit.


If I were you I'd be lifting at least 4, maybe 5 days a week. At your age, your test will allow you to lift harder without overtraining. I still lift 4 days a week and am thinking going back to a 5 day split. Your diet sounds clean especially since you said that you've lost weight, but if you aren't gaining weight there is most likely only 2 reasons. You're not working hard enough, or you aren't eating enough.


thank for the quick replies...ya i think i'm gonna try a 4 day split and maybe cut back on the cardio a bit...also according to Massive eating i should be eating at least 3200 cals so i was definately undereating...i'll be sure to keep tryin tho i know it wont happen overnight so i'll just keep at it