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skinny bastard diet

In the #6 issue there was an article informing smaller people on how to eat to gain mass and it looks like it should be a pretty good plan the only thing that it didnt include is how much working out should a smaller (skinny bastard) do, i have heard suggestions that if you are predisposed to being smaller that your workouts shouldnt be as close together as someone that can bulk up fairly easy. I am 5’9" and i have went from 112 lbs to 160 lbs in 1 yr of working out but i am stuck now and want to give this diet a shot but i dont know if working every body part twice a week is too much and if i should pay more attention to form when i do workout or push the envelope with as much weight as i can handle . Please help shed some light on this for me… Thanks.

There is really no general answer to this question. First of all, ‘skinny bastard’ is directed to the ‘typical’ hardgainer (which is not necessarily a ‘real’ hardgainer). Gaining 48 lbs over a year doesn’t sound like a hardgainer at all. Since you didn’t mention any details about diet in your post I assume you didn’t pay much attention to that. In that case search for articles on/about diets in the online editions. In short, if you’re still on anything close to the diet you were on when you were 112 you are most likely undereating. There are healthier diets around than the skinny bastard diet, which is directed more to the group of ‘skinny people’ that have problems eating a lot. This may not apply to you. Cy Willson (most likely - I can’t read his mind :)) didn’t give any workout details because he only approaches the dietary part of ‘the problem’. The article is based on the assumption that this type of trainees don’t gain weight because they don’t eat enough and not because they workout wrong.

The question of workout volume and frequency is a different one. I don't think you will find any special recommendation for hardgainers on that subject here, since this is believed to be something that has to determined by every individual himself, whether he's a genetic muscle mutant or a Woody Allen look-a-like. Only your own experience can provide that answer.