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Skinny Bastard diet + creatine?

hey guys, thanks for all your help on my previous posting, i read the skinny bastard diet and it looks excellent, boy was a screwing up big time, my question for you now is this, there is no mention of creatine on that diet, how does the consumption of creatin factor into the skinny bastard diet? I realize that creatine will have me drinking more water and that will go against the skinny bastard diet because water makes you feel full, so is that the reason no creatine was added to that diet?



Eating that much food all day your water intake should be pretty damn high anyway just to balance things out; I wouldn’t worry about it. Plain old water doesn’t fill you up all that much anyway, and if it does it’s not for very long.

The search engine is a powerful tool, I suggest you try using it.

Creatine wont magically add muscle to your frame. All it does is allow you to use heavier weights or get a couple extra reps, thus putting more pressure on the muscle which will stimulate more growth - IF and only IF your diet is tweaked right.
Creatine will also bloat you up with water weight that has nothing to do with real muscle. This added water weight will also blur whatever muscle definition you might have thus making you look a little flatter.

Creatine is also somewhat controversial - many people report no results from consistent use of Creatine. I, for one can attest to this. You will see maybe up to 20% increased strength endurance, but that will not necessarily translate into muscle growth, and I never saw any from Creatine use.

Just focus on the basics - diet. WHatever gains you make it’ll be because of your DIET.