Skinny Arm Cure Article

Dr Darden
So happy to see an arm specialization that doesn’t involve pull-ups Or dips. Always struggle
With those. Question about the push-ups. Are these Triangle/diamond variety?

A very interesting article! Will incorporate it in my routine soon. Plan to make more frequent changes to my 30-10-30 routine, especially in order to push the metabolic challenge.

Questions for Dr Darden:

  1. What other muscle groups to add? After the specialization?
  2. Is it advisable to combine more than one specialization routine simultaneously, for example quad killer and skinny arm?

I would not do two specialization 30-10-30 routines in the same workout. Stick with one for 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

Yes, I have other 30-10-30 specializations that will be on T-nation soon.


Am assuming these will be part of follow up after current 5 week metabolic challenges? Guessing a complete week lay-off even after « gains week ». Please and Thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s good thinking, Ricky. You are correct. Take a week off and change your focus and workout.


Dr Darden,

Will introduce the skinny arm cure first up, in my A routine (will keep the quad killer as a B routine).

Which muscle groups/excercises would you add to the skinny arm cure? Any more chest at all (I consider adding chest)? When is it too much?

I am also thinking about adding hip abd+add as well as leg curl. Other than that a back excercise and maybe abs? All in 30-10-30 fashion. Too much?

Yes, you can add chest to your A routine. Be careful of Adduction & Abduction. I haven’t tried those two. Give back and abs a try and let me know your thoughts?

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Thanks Dr Darden,

Valuable advice. Will probably use EZ-barbell on the reverse curl. Might do barbell squat and leg curl on legs for indirect effect. Have yet another 24hr to tweak the construction of routine.

Return with comments on this in a couple of weeks.

Excuse me, Dr Darden. One more question re weights. Workout postponed because of work.

I plan to do these NTF - correct or not? I’m careful about proper inroading.

Yes, NTF.


A huge thanks Dr Darden (for all your valuable advise)! I can’t enough show my gratitude (and think you should be compensated economically - Well, yes I have bought some books, but anyway). Thanks again!

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I tried the arm routine out tonight.
Very interesting, brutally hard , very humbling and in need of a few tweaks to adapt it for myself.
On the press up I managed only a 25 second negative and four reps before the cumulative congestion in the triceps from the tricep extension prior resulting in me terminating the set with a 4 second negative !
As for biceps, in the second exercise (dumbell bicep curl) with around half the weight i normally use i managed the 30 second, 10 reps and whilst starting the final negative my right arm became so congested that I could not control not only its speed but its direction !!
Finally after a 10 second rest I managed a 20 second negative.
From previous experience i expected this with my triceps , but had never experienced it with biceps
Next time I plan to lower the overall TUL on both as merely reducing the weight will not make a lot of difference to the “congestion” in the muscles , but will probably lessen the stimulus.
Fascinating to experience it though.



Mark, is that you in the avatar ? If so I’d love to see some more pictures!

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Thanks Scott,
I was going to put up a college of me hitting the poses that Dr Darden recommends as part of his 30-10-30 routine to show people how to correctly perform them (i think it was in the thread that Rick is logging his progress on) .
So I’ll dig them out and hopefully post them tomorrow (that way it can benefit others , rather than make it about me).



I’m still laughing at this image of me doing the dumbell bicep curl tonight and when i lost control of my right arm…It was like someone just injected the arm with a “local anesthetic” ! :laughing::laughing:



Indeed, Mark! A humbling experience! Thanks for your great, inspirational photos! It would be interesting to hear more about contest preparation for a natural bodybuilder (you)? Maybe source for another thread? I’m not there just yet, but try to keep the dream alive.

I went through a similar surprise on bicepcurl and pushups, as you did. For some reason this specialization routine has taken time to dial in the appropriate weights. Having done it for three times/weeks, I begin to comprehend what I am up against. Plan on doing it another couple of weeks.

Completed the routine with squats, legcurl, pec-dec, seated upright row, abs and calves - which works fine. Btw, I found the row a suitable back excercise to add (unavailability to first choice pullover), since the bicep involvement is less than on pulldown.

How are you doing those push-ups?

30-10-30 immediately after tricep extension.
Index fingers close to and facing each other.

You are seriously jacked brother! I thought it was Boyer Coe in your avatar at first lol

Agree! They must be related. No other explanation. LOL

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