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Skinny 17 Year Old


Hello T-Nation. First of all, I'm really happy to be apart of this community.

I'm Going to start working out frequently, But I really don't have a clue on what to do. My stats are.

just recently turned 17
130-135 lbs.

As you can see, I am a very skinny dude. I want to bulk up, gain weight, strength and muscle mass.
Maybe you could refer me to a specific workout routine, that comes with fast results. I've never used free weights, always stuck with machines.
I NEVER eat breakfast. and eat mcdonalds for lunch.
i want fast results. maybe you could refer me to a certain supplement or something, multivitamin. and ive also strongly considered steroids. so please dont flame this thread and give me a legitmate answer that i can actually benefit from! thanks!


eat more...alot more...and then when you think you can't eat anymore, drink a Grow! shake...then eat some more...

get the idea???

there are about eight gazillion (I'm not sure how many a gazillion is but I'm sure it's a damn big number) lifting routines on this site...they all work...pick one and start...

you want fast results...going the club...everybody on the fucking planet wants fast results..."get the body of your dreams over night"...well sorry to tell you but it doesn't work that way...just start chowing down and lifting weights and be patient...

good luck!


If anything, first off you need to eat breakfast.. Most important meal of the day.. Good post workout nutrition will help aid in muscle recovery, protein synthesis, etc.. Please don't use steroids, you are only 17, have barley started even lifting, and you eat like shit no offense. Search and search some more and I think you will find an answer to most if not all of your questions. I'm sure you could read more than a few articles on here that could direct you to a simple but effective lifting program. Think compound movements with free weights!


everyone is going to tell you to EAT

I'm going to tell you to make up your mind at this very moment in life.

Either get serious and start a food log, write down everything you eat every day, log it, be accurate, and realistic, never cheat yourself and see how much you actually eat, and then EAT DOUBLE THAT!


complain about being a skinny bastard

also, don't forget to attack the weights a little bit... throw out the mcdonalds, eat some real food, your body will thank you for it. Also, EAT YOUR BREAKFAST! you complain about being skinny, but you don't eat breakfast, that is just rediculous broseph...

Don't get everyone started on the "machines vs free-weights" argument, just do whatever it is you do heavily and you'll progress if you eat enough. Also, back when I weighed in at a mighty 130 pounds, I put on 20 lbs the first 45 days I was lifting. Just something to think about.


Uhh, "i don't eat breakfast and i eat mcdonald's for lunch give me a multivitamin"? What the hell?

I like the above post, about making up your mind whether you will put in enough effort or you would just quit. And keep this in mind too:

a) Supplements are supplements. Taking pills to get bigger/cutter/leaner/stronger without a sound diet in place is a bad idea. The only "supplements" you should be using at this point are MRPs, and by MRPs I mean Grow! powder.

b) Nothing comes quick. You may go up to 150 or up your weights quickly since you're a beginner, but it gets harder and slower. It seems to me like you're searching for the easy way out. Nothing wrong with asking about the best program that has the quickest results (for a newbie), but now that you're here, understand this: there IS no fastest program. There are too many programs for you to try to find out which one works best for you, and most likely, many will work the same, many will suck. You're new, so don't go fancy. Lift heavy in the 3-4 x 8-12 range, depending on how much you need to work on form. Doing 4 x 12 of squats is a great idea if you've never done them before. Don't pussy out on the weight, but don't put so much that you can't do the desired set/reps. As far as exercises go, squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows should be the building block. Add from there as necessary.


Eat a lot(if your bodyfat gets out of control, do sprints 2 times a week to start)

Compound lifts, that doesn't mean curls.

It means, pullups, barbell bent over rows (not cable rows), free weight presses (military, bench and incline), squats, deadlifts.

That is not a lot of stuff. But if you don't want to be skinny, you have to do ALL of these. Yes all. Some of the above can be very dangerous if not performed correctly. Be a man, and ask an experienced lifter to show you how to do bent over rows, squats and deadlifts properly.

Everyone here is pulling for you. But you can't pussy foot around the gym. You have to do hardcore lifts properly and progressively (add weight accordingly).

1. Eat a lot
2. Do compound lifts
3. Seek assistance on the proper technique for some of the compound lifts

Once you have been doing these lifts for a few months then you can slowly add and experiment with a few other lifts.

It is wise to always strengthen your abs and lower back constantly, this can help prevent injuries that can occur down the LONG road to getting huge. You don't want setbacks and you sure as hell don't want weak links. Last thing...Strive to have strong hamstrings. I could go on and on and on...

Good luck, and do your research

Kir Dog


Read the advice I gave another skinny feller:


Good luck.



Got to eat....


I was you not too long ago. I concur with everything that has already been said. Just don't get too bogged down in the nitty-gritty details too early. Eat big and lift big and you will experience amazing results relatively rapidly. Of course, they will taper - that's when you can start dissecting your training/diet.

I think one of the most important (and overlooked) aspects of newbie training is the forming of habits. Make regular, intense training a habit. Make eating as much as possible a habit. Focus on changing your lifestyle to suit those habits, then worry about the fine details.

One last bit of advice: as a skinny newbie you will undoubtedly experience the fear and intimidation of walking into a weightroom and looking foolish because you don't know what you're doing, or looking weak because you can't lift as much as the next guy, etc, etc. Remember, that's all in your head. Ignore those thoughts and walk through the doors.



This is very good advice. I wish more people would focus on simply building the habits of making it to the gym on a regular basis and giving everything they have before getting so caught up in the smallest details. That factor alone is why people can make outstanding progress without having the latest state of the art training system with every calorie mapped out by dieticians and personal trainers.


Hi,... I was like you too at one time-same stats/same age. Way back I even made it to 195lbs once with Spartan-like workouts and eating alot- of anything :frowning: Over a ten year period I yo-yo'd with bad eating habits, dropping to 150lbs. Then that all changed when I closely watched what I ate. Now I'm vegetarian and back into weights [free-weights at home/stretching/nunchakus!] and actually bulking up healthily/steadily [175lbs now- and not slowly gaining either nor drastically over-eating - this with just 3 modest sized-but nutrition packed meals a day-for now].

I think you should learn this early, physical routines are one thing, but know about your food intake VERY WELL. Learn about micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients and the amounts of each you'll need, as well as the science of metabolism via more research. You'll find it very interesting. I liked the article here at this link.

It's a very nice 101 on getting ready to bulk up properly. In fact go through all the related articles on this topic carefully and take-in others responses/input too. I don't know how fast you want to do it, but don't be too hasty in how you proceed. Pace yourself correctly for maximum results.

One more thing, if you want to be very serious on gaining as fast as IS actually possible, prepare for some sacrifices... ie, Big Macs, pops, and other nutrient void, trans-fat/sodium/ladened junk foods which WILL counter-act all your hard earned work.
Another thing is to make sure you have all your body proportioned while bulking up, ie. when I first started working out in my youth, I had a huge 'V' upper body/mediocre arms all on top of 2 chicken-stick legs :o