skinfold calipers for measuring bodyfat

FYI: I recently purchased the FatTrack II calipers. I am finding it impossible to get consistent readings. For example, my pec measurement has varied from 2mm to 7mm when I repeat the procedure several times over 10-15 minutes. My abdominal measurement has similarly varied between 22mm and 30mm. I can’t seem to detect how to use these calipers in a way that will yield consistent measures.

I’m going back to using my Slimguide model (once recommended by Dan Duchaine, who wrote an article comparing various calipers). With this model, I am able to obtain consistent readings, though it lacks the feature found on FatTrack II of providing digital readout of bodyfat percentage.

By the way, here’s my two-cents also on bioelectrical impedence scales: I have found mine to be a complete waste, and am tossing it. I have used it consistently each morning upon arising, and have found that the bodyfat percentages given are very inconsistent and unreliable.