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Skin to win?

I am on a modified J.M.Berardi diet:3 fat and protein meals
plus 3 carb and protein meals.I just finished my 5th meal of
the day-a fat and protein meal with a green salad, 1 oz. of
swiss cheese, a tsp.of olive oil, and two-thirds can of
Icy Point canned salmon.To get my prescribed amount of fat for
a meal of 30g’s,I had to eat the skin,and it tasted OK.
The question is I have often heard that salmon and other fatty
fish store a large amount of toxins in their skin.Is any
one out there versed in this area?Skin to win, or not!

I truly would appreciate some help on this query!Might
Jhon,T.C.,or any of the other writers at T-Mag be able
to share some of their wisdom on this"fishy" matter?

If there are toxins in the fish they would be throughout the fish not just in the skin and with that being said I eat 1-2 tins a day skin and all.

Heavy metals tend to bind to fats in fish quite easily, and as the pollution of streams and oceans increase, I think more concern needs to be put here. A problem with fish such as tuna or salmon is the presence of Mercury in the fat. I am not familiar with the particulars really. I looked into and I think the FDA recommends no more than 2 pounds of tuna a week, which is not too much when you consider how some people consume tuna. But this recomendation is at like 1/10 of the amount that they saw symptons of mercury poison occur in individuals; so thats like saying people had poisoning after eating 20 pounds worth a week for who knows how long. I think if your going on a diet with lots of fish, you probably don’t have to worry about it. But if your going to eat a high amount of tuna and salmon for the rest of your life constantly, you might want to look into it and find how much mercury you are consuming.