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skin tightening

i have a uqestion. im in pretty damn good shape. im 6ft 178 lbs im between 6- 7%percent bodyfat. spring break is in about 2 months or so. my only trouble area which i have like most males is the area right behind both sids of my obliques. i do side bends and twists. any exerciese that i can do to tighten that area of skin up so that its not loose.

No exercise can spot reduce or tighten skin.

Here is an trick that bodybuilders have been using for years: Get yourself a tube of Preparation-H then apply a thin layer around your love handle area and tightly wrap it in saran wrap. Do this every 2-3 hours the night before a you go to the beach (try it out before) and you’ll be surprised at what it does to that last bit of water. It literally pulls the water out from under the skin (acts as a topical diuretic). Sure - you might smell funny until you take a shower but it only costs like $4.
I also use a Body Toning Gel (A special blend of caffeine and botanicals - like gingko biloba, green tea and seaweed) to tighten and smooth out the skin. Both together work really well!

lokona i have one more question will thais last for a short time or will this last based on my die from that point forward.

It will only last a short while. I found that when using the prep-H alone the results are very short lived (a day or so) but by using the body toning gel on a regular basis and the results last longer and the skin is tightened.