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Skin Recovery & HGH


I am not sure this belongs here but, I will post it anyway if it should be moved by all means...

First off, I am 5'10, 180 lbs, BF is low enough to have abs and separation in legs. Now my question is regarding skin healing and HGH. I few years ago I was in a car accident and though I had no serious injuries the shattering of glass left cuts on the left side of my face nothing severe just a bunch of small cuts.

I have decided that I want them gone and will be having laser resurfacing (Fraxel Repair). After the procedure there is a period where skin will be thinner/fragile and I will have to take downtime from training. This is where I hope HGH comes in.

Can taking low doses of HGH help with the recovery of the skin (most threads I have read on here have to do with tendons/joints) IE. quicker and better healing? I am also interested in taking it for muscle retention while out of the gym.

Any help is appreciated. I have read most of BBBs stuff hopefully he can chime in.

EDIT: I am 23 yrs old.


I hear that winstrol is good for skin, deca for me seems to have some good effects on my skin too. GH definately has some benefits with regard to skin healing. Running GH alone and not training is not going to help you retain muscle.


Thanks for the reply.

1)I should have been a bit more clear (my fault) I will not be able to get to the gym (my face will look like shit) however I have a bar/weights at home that will allow me to perform compound movements after a few days of downtime.

2)Thanks for mentioning other "products" that may work, problem is I am a bit prone to acne and am not sure if those will cause any breakouts. I have yet to read about anyone having breakouts using HGH.


I have nothing helpful to add but, am very interested in any answers as well. I read a while back that HGH cream was being used on soldiers with burns and healing was quicker and better it would interesting to see if HGH by injection would yield better results.


Would GHRP6 help or would GH be better?


Vitamin C; Vitamin E, like 200IU a day, and a good multi vitamin. This is how I get rid of my acne scars and got quite a heavy duty tattoo to heal up very quickly. I also used these vitamins to accelerate healing when I had four wisdom teeth removed, the dentist could hardly believe how fast I had recovered in seven days, and this was before I had ever used any steroids.

Good luck,



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I thought about that but, from I have read VIT.E etc. work on discoloration scars and hypertrophic scars. My scars are atrophic (small holes/indentations) that is why I am having laser resurfacing to try and even out the skin and induce natural collagen production.

Since skin will be thin for some time after the procedure I figured HGH or GHRP6 would help speed up recovery IE. thickening skin, and helping scars heal better.


DMSO might be worth checking out also.