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Skin or Fat? Ab Thickening?


ive gotten to the stage (after extensive fat loss)

that finally im seeing some excess skin problems.

my body fat is getting down to 15% sort of levels and i can see the top 6 abs and some slight V shape below my belly button.

however i am conscious of the fact that i dont think losing more fat will reveal my full ab range....i fear that just the little excess skin i have will mean losing the fat wont do it....

i was wondering....is it stupid to think that if i thicken my waist (but possibly ruining my V shape) i would 'fill out' the existing skin to the point that it would tighten up and render my abs visible?



Some people just wont be able to see all 8 individual abbs, dosent matter how much fat they loser or how tight thier skin is.

I would say you have dont just fine with haveing a 6 pack....


hmm i still have a few % bodyfat to lose, but i dont want to get there and see that i still cant see bottom 2 abs due to loose skin, or to have loose skin looking crap in general......can you 'fill out' the loose skin?


yeah by gaining fat. You can probably get the skin to tighten up but I dont know how, googleing it would be the easiest way.


I'm convinced that some people just don't have an 8 pack and that's it's totally genetics. Look at all the pro bodybuilders who only have 6 packs.