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Skin Itch,I Think Nutritionally Related

Long time reader of this great site but a perplexing issue related to a recent, occasional skin itch, mainly on upper body and head. It ‘comes and goes’, sometimes at 5AM for ex, sometimes mid-day. No rash or bumps. Only a few changes: recently, I bought cordyceps and rhodiola to increase endurance. And, I got 50 mgs. of DHEA to boost test. Last, I was given about 10 caps of a pro-hormone and I’ve taken just 1 of them OR 1 DHEA daily for the past couple weeks. I’m 60 y o; my testos result was “low normal”. Doc would not give exogenous test, so I’m trying to ‘self diagnose’. THX for any knowledge on this.

I think it was the pro hormone. Very light dose…but am off for 3 days and no more itching. When I get more dough, I’ll go to an ‘alternative’ Doc, in the meantime, I’ll up the tribulus and consider getting chrysin too.

Did you drink while on the pro-hormone? I hope you realize that “itchy skin” (more details would be nice) can be a sign of cholestasis.

Were you running any liver support? Have you had your liver enzymes checked? Why are you convinced you need exogenous test?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Excessive dairy consumption makes my skin itch.


You’re derailing my efforts to get him off this ridiculous EOD “prohormone” dosing schedule.