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Skin Health

Does anyone know of or use certain supps/vitamins for skin problems? I occasionally get pimples and feel something like accutane is to much. I have used on the spot topicals but they usually leave a brown spot. Are there any vitamins that might help? I have heard that Vitamin A, and certain B vitmains help, maybe fish oil for inflammation?

try cutting out anything with flour in it, and milk.

I used to get a few small pimples mainly on my back and kneck. Once I cut out milk and flour, it cleared up and I’ve never felt better physically. Flour is bad for you and milk just slows you down.

Give it a good 4 weeks of cutting that stuff out and you will notice a difference all around

  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%+)
  • Cetaphil Products

Water, Fish Oil and Vitamin D.

Try it. You’ll be surprised.

Water and Coenzyme Q10, fish oil.

Fish oil and sun(vit D). At least thats what works best for my weak ass skin.

Give this article a read, great advice

Ive had some issues with skin a ive found

  • water
  • Flameout
  • FA3
  • Green tea

All work really well. Pluss use a good face wash that is specific too your skin type


All this and put a fresh towel on your pillow before going to sleep at night. I’m not too fond of vigorously rubbing my face into something that resembles a WW2 bandage.

Also, check and see how much Iodine your multivitamin has in it. Iodine can really aggravate acne and most of us who live in a first world country get plenty of iodine through out diet. Excess Iodine supplied by a multivitamin, which usually gives excess of 100% RDI, is excreted through the skin, and is a known severely aggravate acne.

There is plenty of more information on it, including studies, that you can find simply through Google. Check it out, it really made a huge difference for me, along with all of the other suggestions that have already been made.

Only wash your face with water, no soap or anything.

What about Vitamin A,B3, and B5, no good?

When getting Vitamin A what type should be bought? I have one that is from Fish liver oil and Retinyl Palmitatae.

I’ve realized that milk makes me break out. My skin isn’t the greatest anyway, but I can pretty much getting a a big pimple when I start drinking a lot of it. Same w/ junkier carbs. I really think it has something to do w/ making me bloated and then I sweat more, or I could just be sensitive to it.

I started taking a gelcap of vitamin E w/ my vitamin D, mainly for experimentation and that I have a bottle of it my mom gave me awhile ago. Its supposed to regulate retinol levels so it may be good to try alone or in conjunction with vitamin A.

My mom also sent me a bottle of Astralagus. I got a good book on Adaptogens, and it has antibacterial and antiperspirant properties, along with being a mild adaptogen. Some of the traditional uses are for night sweats and boils, ulcers, and sores that haven’t drained. I think my mom sent it in the summer because its supposed to help allergies, too. I started taking it last week to try out.

I use cetaphil knock off in the morning as my skin is usually dry and a benzoyl peroxide after working out. I try to sleep with a fresh pillowcase every night too.

jojoba oil is a terrific moisturizer and prevents the dryness and redness from using BP