Skin Health on TRT

Hello Gents,

Been cruising on TRT for about a year now. Question for anyone, what do you do to keep your skin healthy? I live in a dry, cold climate, and am prone to acne on my back. It’s not bad, but it’s annoying.

What do you do/use for skin health?



Are you talking sebaceous acne or surface stuff?

I’m assuming a bit of both. Im not familiar with the terms but I think I understand.

I’ve noticed with TRT, I’ll have smaller acne (perhaps the surface) if I forget to pin on a certain day, and usually on arms or chest. I liken that to my hormones being in flux. Usually goes away after a day or two or once I find my balance.

Though I definitely have/had sebacious as well. It’s not terrible, as I only have one or two at a time that hurt but could be more aesthetic. I have One on the back of my neck that is painful and bringing the question to the top of mind at the moment.

I get the big ones (sebaceous) when I do large protocol changes. I get the smaller ones during smaller changes or for slightly extended periods of time during acclimation.

Anyone have any advice?

I just started taking some supplemental Vitamin A as I hear it reduces sebum production. Throwing in some baby oil with vitamin E and aloe to try and re-hydrate the skin as well. Any other tips and tricks?