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Skin Healing


Today in speech class a girl gave a presentation explaining how Dermabrasion works, for those that do not know Dermabrasionis a procedure where a plastic surgeon uses a diamond wheel to remove upper layers of skin.

At the end she showed a tape of a women getting the procedure done, it looked painful but, the before and after pics taking a few months later were amazing.

What I was wondering but, the girl could not answer is how can or does the skin know how much it has to heal/grow back? The procedure is done manually and though the surgeon is skilled I doubt he takes off the same amount of skin evenly all over.

How does the skin grow back with a uniform look? I have been looking for an answer but no luck. Does anyone know?


The same way it grows back after a cut/scrape. Skin grows at its normal rate, and sheds off after a genetically determined period. Say your skin is 2mm thick (an arbitrary number). You have a base layer of cells that continually divide, pushing older skin cells up.

This means that skin cells are produced, form a layer 2 mm thick before sloughing off. So if you grind skin down to 1 mm in one spot and 1.3 mm in another, and .8 mm in another, the new cells don't give a shit, they are genetically programmed to go up 2 mm.

Short answer: DNA


Would there be a point in which the skin would not heal correctly or to it's original state? Say that it went to deep into the dermis?


Yes. That's why you get scars.


See thats what I don't get if you already did the damage to the skin to cause a scar, how is it that the dermabrasion then removes the scar for new skin to grow.


Look up "epidermis" vs "dermis" vs "hypodermis."

Shit,this is just Google search info.