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Skin Getting Pinched on Hand During Deadlift

Not sure if this is my grip that is causing it, or just me being a panzy about it, but im finally deadlifting above 300lbs (Flame away, but its my PR for now), and noticing when im going for reps, a good amount of the skin on the first and second joint of my fingers gets pinched to the point where it turns pale white and gets really painful once I finish the set and notice it.

thinking this could be bad in the long run, or potentially cause grip/pain problems and cause my form to suffer in the short run too.

any advice? Do i dare look into gloves, or would chalk be a viable option?

Chalk and don’t worry about it your getting into man weights finally so your hands are going to have to get adjusted.

[quote]HateTank wrote:
Brilliant. It’s so simple, but I don’t think I’m the only person who has been doing it wrong.

[quote]HateTank wrote:

Good stuff, crossfit really screwed up by chucking out Rippetoe

I thought that was kinda common sense.

[quote]Reed wrote:
I thought that was kinda common sense.[/quote]

Yep. Unfortunately common sense is anything but common.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor you.

but seriously, i had the same thing with pinching my fingers because I was gripping the bar too much in my hand. it kind of is obvious not to do that once it is pointed out… or not. i need to remember this with pull ups, too (and i’m not even that fat, i swears).

Damn, very helpful video.
Thanks all. About to go in to DL now and put it to use.