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Skin Gainz: Does Anyone Not Secretly Love Getting Calluses?

Unfortunately my two biggest deadlift calluses, Dave and Sue, flaked off within the last couple of weeks so I’m pleased to see a fitting candidate to replace Sue is rising on my right hand, like Shawn Yates taking over from Ronnie Coleman.

Anyone else name theirs?

No I don’t like them. They hurt when I do hook grip or carries

I have a bad habit of constantly picking at them and tearing them off. It’s like the lifters version of nail biting.


Also, does anyone want to help name the new one?

not particularly

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name it Waittz


I’m really not “getting” many calluses, I have had the same ones for years. I use a pumice stone every once in a while to knock down the roughness so they dont bother my grip. Side note - I SMH seeing 110lb dudes rocking gloves while using machines, never really understood that


Still having trouble processing that he previously gave a male name to something that contacts his own genitals on a frequent basis for purposes of general hygiene and self pleasure.


Are you prejudiced? I feel you could benefit from our diversity training program.

Anyway I’ve pretty much decided it’s going to be Arnold. What else?

I mean, I call my girlfriend’s vagina George, so…


I don’t like them. I kinda enjoy biting them off though.