Skin Changes on TRT? Dead Skin on Body, Reduction of Redness

What skin changes have you had on TRT?

I am noticing dead skin rubbing off my body in the shower, is this because of the increase of Skin cell turnover? or is it an age thing (29 years old)?

Also a surgery scar I have had for about 9 years had a little redness around it, the redness is now gone. Some of the redness on my face is reduced as well. any one know why this is?

If your losing skin quicker than before, your body is replacing dead skin faster which it means it growing faster than before. I noticed the same thing with my hair and skin, more of it and losing more at the same time.

I also had facial flushing (red face) in the beginning that subsided after a while. It could be the increase in red blood cells your body is getting used to.