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Skin Care Thread


Whether its stretch marks from bulking hard and growing, calluses from lifting weights or whether you just happen to have dry or oily skin. What do you guys do to keep your skin healthy.

(Any advice that would help with my moms extremely dry and cracked feet will be useful as well.)


adequate fats intake

egg yolks, avocado, bacon, coconut oil, high-quality olive oil, bacon, fish oil, almonds/walnuts/pistachios, pepitas/sunflower seeds etc every single day


I've started to get some... not pimples, but just red dots on my upper/rear shoulder area, and I'm not sure what it's from. I shower immediately after I lift so I don't know what's up. Any help?


For dietary things, I just keep my fats high and insulin low outside of my workouts. Make sure I'm not deficient in Zinc.

For supplementation, just wash my face and use Benzoyl Peroxide.

Other tricks involve actually washing my pillow covers, rather than rubbing my face in a cesspool of my own sweat and dead skin cells.

That's all for oily skin though, I've never been afflicted with dry skin. (So, OP, I cannot help with your question about your mom's feet)

As for calluses, pummus stone.


fish oil , probiotics for the gut( sounds strange but they do have an effect on the skin) n vit c . also when im on a gaining phase n eating alot more sugar n processed food my skin looks alot worse.


I think everybody uses fish oil and I'm no different.
High(er) fat diet
I like my calluses. Women love it when you have man hands

Thinking about getting an all natural shampoo and body wash.
Anybody have any suggestions?


Ive wanted to get all natural shampoo and body wash also


Hi OP. Im glad you asked this valid question.
I would reccomend a 3 week period of taking codliver oil. The fats and vitamin A really clears up the skin. I wouldnt take codliver oil for more than 3 weeks, so maybe cycle that with fish oil.

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either sun exposure or going tanning (yes, tanning) clears my face up


Sigh I just shook hands with a chick at college who said I have very soft hands.


I don't know why people want a "natural" body wash or shampoo. Removing skin oil requires a surfactant molecule, and all surfactants have to be manufactured. Fats and alkalis are processed with heat. None of these surfactants occur in nature, but all are synthesized from things that are found in nature.


I have a pretty oily face and it looks shiny on my nose and fore head.
I also have back acne.
Anyone got any suggestions for these problems?